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Thrifting Dreams Come True

I have this thing about laundry – this thing where I never do it and it piles up in the basket looking sloppy and unattractive. Modern laundry storage methods are utilitarian and dull so until today, I had settled for …

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The Perfect Lip Stain

I’m not normally a product person. I think it’s too easy to get caught up in the cycle of needing more and more, and I’m kind of old-fashioned… I like to keep things simple. I don’t like hype.

But every …

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The Knaughty Look

One of my latest thrifting expeditions unearthed this incredible find…

… over a hundred pages of Magical Scarf Fashion! Included is an introduction to the history of scarves (thrilling!), a tutorial on how to pick and care for a scarf …

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If you live anywhere in the NE corner of the United States, you might have heard legends of an amazing record store called Jerry’s. It’s this huge, dusty, eclectic place that’s full of thousands upon thousands of records – everything …

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Fat Pug & Long Dachshund

You may already know from our About Us page that ModCloth has a mascot: Winston the Pug. You probably don’t know that we also have another furry friend helping us out around the office: Blue the Dachshund.

They’re quite the …

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The Outsiders

Being a fashion insider (and your own boss) is a funny thing… On any given day, I can wear whatever crazy thing I want – from clashing in blinding colors to layering until I look like a street urchin – …

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ModCloth Back to School Contest

Last month we paired up with one of our favorite sites,, in search of the most creative Back to School outfit (using ModCloth items, of course!) Here’s the winning entry, created by Polyvore-er Mewsmom.

If you don’t have …

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Fashion week is like a gift that just keeps giving. Pretty girls, celebrities, inspiring clothes… what more can you ask for?

As much as I enjoy browsing (almost) all of the collections, there’s always one that I can count on. …

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Newsflash for Fall

If your boots are tall enough, you can wear a skirt every day but never have to shave your legs! (This may seem obvious, but I’ve just discovered it myself.)

My current pick for attractive leg shaving alternative is this …

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Spring: Coming and Going

Real-life Spring may be over, but fashion Spring has just begun. With New York Fashion Week behind us and London Fashion Week set to start tomorrow, it’s time to do some seasonally inappropriate investigating.

It’s telling that some of the …

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Vintage Cosmo

It’s probably not a big surpise that one of my favorite hobbies is thrift store shopping. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding something incredible – and the price is always right! A few weeks ago I had some good …

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