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Outfit of the Week: Get Quirky

Hello ModLovers, Lindsay here with this week’s installment of Outfit of the Week. Today, I’m delving into the rarely treaded and always interesting tradition of pattern matching. Quirky girls tend to catch the spotlight. Unique ideas have always made waves …

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Model Search!

Model Search

The ModCloth girl is approachable, fun, and fashionable. She’s the life of the party, the belle of the ball, and obviously, always dressed to please. As more and more items grace the pages of, we’re on the look out …

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Tales from the Road: Beauty Bar Part 1

Trying to navigate a city foreign to you is difficult enough. Trying to find cool things to do in your down time is a whole other issue. As the self proclaimed “events coordinator” on our trips, I like to scour …

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Decorate Yourself!


We know nothing feels better than slipping on a brand new outfit and the good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a new look that’s perfect for whatever is on your schedule this autumn! …

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Meet Loren!

You’ve seen them sporting all of your favorite ModCloth styles, but the girls on your computer screen have always remained a mystery…until now!  Most of our models are not professionals, so we thought it would be cool to shed some …

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Welcome to Sari’s Outfit of the Week !

Hello ModShoppers,
The days are getting a little shorter and the nights a little cooler– much to my pleasure Fall is just around the corner! For my introductory Outfit of the Week post I wanted to create a good transition …

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ModCloth in Teen Vogue: Sept. 2008

Honee Boston Stroll Coat in Teen Vogue: September 2008…

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