Outfit of the Week: Lo and Boho

As I’ve been decorating my new apartment, I realize that I am forever stuck somewhere between 1967 and 1975. My favorite wardrobe pieces, as it would turn out, are no different. It was a great period for design in both clothing and furniture. So with holiday party season quickly approaching, I wanted an outfit that accurately reflects my personal style (and its retro leanings). Enter the Haight-Ashbury Party Dress. I remember the moment I laid eyes on it at the trade show; a flash of color called to me from across the booth -and the rest is history! But how to make it shine…

First, I needed to make it functional. It’s no secret that tights season is quickly approaching – it snowed in Pittsburgh yesterday! First, the shoes! Irregular Choice was my first, great shoe love. They’re the reason I lust after shoes the way I do today (and also the reason I had to pack up three large boxes of shoes this week – not to mention what I left behind). The Toasted Almond Heels feature an almost perfectly matching shade of tan, ultra soft leather, and they manage to stay quirky without taking away from the dress. The Dynasty Purse was a given; it eloquently matches heels while adding extra gold for a cocktail-party-ready feel. Finally (my favorite part), the accoutrements! The Ostentatious Owl brooch has always held a place in my heart – it’s an adorable way to break up the black so it doesn’t overpower the look. Next I added the Open Sea Clip-Ons. They have a great antique feel that adds a touch of vintage to the outfit (even if they did get lost in my hair…trust me, I’m wearing them). To stay in line with my hippie vibe, the Bourgeois Boheme Headband in purple came next. I plan to own this in every shade…it helps keep my otherwise messy mane at bay while adding an unexpected splash of color. And last, I added the Golden Savannah Bracelet. Its subtle, but can keep its own in an otherwise bright outfit – even if I throw on a cardigan. We all have have leanings in our personal style. What is yours? How will you represent it this holiday season? Thanks for reading, and as always, happy shopping!

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