Absolut-ly Fabulous

[Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Versace for Absolut, 1997]

Everyone can probably recall a “favorite” advertising campaign, commercial or photo spread. Stylists, photographers, and marketing teams work hard to create ads that are resonant and powerful, using success stories as inspiration. This week, I sat down with ModCloth stylist, Vasil, to discuss his favorite ad campaign and inspiration of all-time: Versace-Absolut, 1997.

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Around the time of Gianni Versace’s death,  Donatella Versace led one of the most memorable fashion ad campaigns. Directed by Goran Dahlstrom, the Versace-Absolut campaign featured supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Mark Findlay. Vasil says he chose this campaign as his favorite “not only because it features some of my favorite models and designers, but also because it combines advertising, fashion, creativity, and beauty in one.” Vasil added, “Many of us do not realize how much time, planning, and effort goes into creating a campaign that stands out and makes history.”

[Above: Photo spread of Versace-Absolute] [Below: Map of Versace-Absolut Photo Shoot]

Planning and creativity are essential when working on such a massive project. The above image is one of the maps that were used to guide the shoot. Vasil says, “I am fascinated by the balance created by the models, the designer, and the brand Absolut. When working with industry leaders, it would be easy for one person to overshadow the others; however, this campaign features all parties equally while creating momentum for the client.” Vasil added, “Plus, when working with blocks of ice in in Northern Sweden, planning is even more vital!”

Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot:

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