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Dainty June

[The designers behind Dainty June are: Erica Daking, Jen Johnson, and Jennifer Daking]

Dainty June is a group of friends who have combined forces to create a new line, and we’re one of the few stores carrying their first season! …

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Style Glossary: Dressmaker Coats

This week’s Style Glossary post goes out to our ModLovers in the southern hemisphere (and anyone else who is still enjoying crisp, cool nights)! A dressmaker coat is a relatively general term, but my closet is full of whimsical examples …

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Style Inspiration: Comfy and Current

(Image above: taken from the Flickr account of chrissylenguyen)

It’s summer, and chances are that we’re all a bit more active this time of year. But what are fashionistas supposed to sweat in? It’s not always easy to …

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Challenge yourself! Hundreds participate to better environment

Do you recall where you were June 20th at 5:30 A.M.?  Sleeping perhaps?  If you were myself, or one of the other 599 motivated outdoor/eco-enthusiasts registered for the full Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, you were about to embark on a …

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Top Ten Pieces of Street Art

(Image Above: Banksy’s “Maid”  Photo Courtesy of )

Plenty of “street art” is unappealing.  Almost all of it is controversial.  And, pretty much none of it is conventional.  Though the term street art may bring to mind …

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Punk Princess

Image taken from the Flickr account of I’ve Stolen a Garden.

Black and blue have always been my two favorite colors, and together they make a great team. I love how she’s coupled them here in a punky princess kind …

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Owl Cuteness

Did anyone see this little owl on Cute Overload this week?
She’s an original, handmade creation from Melissa’s Bears in Canada. Oh, the cuteness!…

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Vintage-Inspired Style: Part Deux

We loved the entries in the Chictopia Vintage Inspiration Contest so much, we couldn’t resist posting the contest runner-ups as the Style Inspiration for today. Too cute! If you have looks to share, remember to participate in our Wear in

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Back in the Seattle Again – Travel Bug Trip

You may not be able to travel to Oz, but you CAN go to the Emerald City, also known as Seattle.  This moniker may make you think of wizards and soaring palaces, but Seattle is not home to these fantastic …

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This Just In

Midnight Mariner Skirt

Another week, another tough decision to make: what’s my favorite new item? Well, I’ve always been a sucker for anything high-waisted or nautical, and this wonderful skirt is both! The Midnight Mariner Skirt is definitely my …

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Outfit of the Week: Play me a Print, and Pump Up the Volume!

I’ve always been obsessed with prints.  The more, the merrier!  Colors, shapes, prints on prints, trompe l’oeil, fake boomboxes on bags, I’m there.  More recently I’ve also been playing with adding more texture to my outfits.  Sitting here now,  I …

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Vintage-Inspired Style

These lovely ladies were the winners of the Chictopia Vintage Inspiration Contest sponsored by ModCloth! Contestants were simply asked to share a photo of their best vintage-inspired outfit. Two winners were selected – a ModCloth favorite, and a Chictopia-user

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ModCloth Model Applies For Dream Job

By ModCloth Writer, Richard:

You know Amy Hirt from her pretty poses all over ModCloth’s website. But what you may not know is that aside from fashion, Amy also possesses a passion for wine! This has led her to apply …

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Circus Urchin

Image from Street Peeper

I’m really inspired by the bold colors of this girl’s dress, and I love the simplicity of the wrapped style offset by ruffled sleeves. She looks like a pretty little circus clown with her hat and …

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