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Top Ten Things We Loved About Berlin

The Weinerei in Berlin

10.  The U-bahn. Clean and efficient, Berlin public transportation got us around the city quite effortlessly!

9. Tiergarten. Berlin’s equivalent to Central Park (but in my opinion way more charming).  This large park in central Berlin …

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A Parisian Print!

Who: Rhea Mac

What: Red “Gem” Skirt

Where: Jefferson, LA

How Much: $2.48 – originally $4.95 but it was 50% off!

When I use it: I was shopping for a red dress (actually for The Red Dress Run and …

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Paris It Is!

Last week, you voted on your favorite look, and the results are in!

Congratulations to Elisa Llera, who styled the winning outfit for the 1950s Finest Fashion Salon! Come check out Elisa’s ensemble and more ModCloth-inspired looks tomorrow, July 18th …

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Videos That Make Us Literally LOL and other Media for Monkeying Around

  • As writers at ModCloth, our job is to produce puns and make metaphors on a daily basis.  So when our eyes  come across something so literal, it catches us off guard and makes us literally laugh out loud! Check out
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    Sad, But Oh-So-Cute

    [photos courtesy of]

    Luis, one of our amazing tech team guys, showed me this pic of an adorable pug- just chillin’ on the street, waiting for his owner to come out of a nearby cafe…

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    Summery Chic

    A you’re adorable, B you’re so beautiful, C you have really cute clothes on!  This girl, seen on the Swedish street style blog The Fashionist, has “Rosie the Riveter dresses up” down pat.  The retro dress is simple, yet …

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    Pretty In Prints: Name It and Win In Contest, Day Five

    This is it–day five of the Pretty In Prints Name It and Win Contest, and we’d like to impress upon you that this is your last chance to win your printed prize from ModCloth!

    Today, it brings a little tear …

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    This Just In

    Lookout, Cookout Dress

    The weather in Pittsburgh has been absolutely beautiful lately and I can’t wait to wear this dress on my next outdoor dinner date.

    What’s your favorite new item this week?

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    Vintage Shopping: Vintage Berlin

    An unassuming table of shoes. The backdrop: Berlin. Three fashion-hungry girls and one quite fabulous shoe designer are on a journey to find the best and brightest shoes Germany has to offer. Our first stop was here, Calypso, a haven …

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    Poses with Roses

    If this necklace didn’t exist, I wouldn’t care much for this outfit, found on The Sartorialist.  The ensemble is nothing more than an oversized navy tank, overly-distressed pair of jeans, (admittedly) cool hat and too-jewel-crazy bracelets.  It’s simply simple …

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    Pretty In Prints: Name It and Win It Contest, Day Four

    It’s day four and–oh “deer”!–we found this printed deep-V tee wandering the warehouse without a name tag, so we don’t know whom it belongs to. But if we choose your idea in today’s Name It and Win It Contest, it’s …

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    Style Glossary: Professor Peplum in the Library…

    After a short hiatus to shop around Berlin for fun, fresh styles to grace our site next Spring (details to come!), Style Glossary is back! This week, I’m reading up on peplum. The peplum cut is characterized by an extention …

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    Tales from the Road: Bread and Butter in Berlin

    Bread and Butter

    If you are like me you dread the airport. Long security lines, crappy food and uncomfortable seats (not to mention those check baggage fees) but what if you were going the airport not to board a long flight but to …

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    Pretty In Prints: Name It and Win It Contest, Day Three

    Ahoy, mateys!  Maybe the third day’s a charm for ye? Today we need help from our readers to come up with a name for this ruffled nautical print top. Enter your ideas, and if we choose yours, you’ll sail …

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