The Top Ten Unusual Modes of Transportation

(Image above: The HyperBike found on

We all get a-round-round-round-round, we get around, be it on foot, on bike, in a car, on a bus, or in the subway.  Sometimes, however, these conventional modes of transportation may become boring, tedious, or repetitive. For moments like this, refer to this guide to terrific travel, The Top Ten Unusual Modes of Transportation!

10. Velocipede. Because it has an awesome name and an ultra-cool aesthetic.
9. Hovercraft. Apparently there’s very high-pressure to be a smooth operator if you choose to travel this way.
8. Powerizers. As I understand it, everyone is really hoppy when traveling on these.
7. HyperBike. Honey I blew up the bicycle.
6. Space Ship. Apparently, it’s excessively hard to get a permit for these.
5. Broomstick. Nimbus or Cleansweep? It hard to say “witch” is better.
4. AquaSkipper. This may be the closest you ever come to walking on water.
3. Canoe On Wheels. I’ve yet to see anyone paddle about town on of these, but I’d really like to.
2. Walking Bike. Would you be on a run if you take a roll on this?
1. Teleportation. I’m working on mastering that.  I hear it’s very convenient and quite spocktacular.

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"Q: Where do cantaloupes go for the summer? A: John Cougar Mellon Camp!" From that joke you can surmise a few things about Hannah -- she loves a good pun, she delights in irreverence, and red peppers are her vegetable of choice. How does one figure out Hannah loves red peppers from that joke? Hmm, that's top secret. Hannah also adores outdoor activities, arts & crafts, reading, and being abroad.

2 Responses to The Top Ten Unusual Modes of Transportation

  1. Anna H. 08/03/2009 at 10:38 am #

    Neat! Speaking of unusual modes of transportation, I saw an elliptical/glide bike down in Palo Alto, CA, too, which I thought was just about the coolest thing. :-D Here’s a link:

  2. Vince 08/13/2009 at 3:23 pm #

    This is a really great top ten list, I wonder if Jesus had the AquaSkipper. Anyone can post their own list to our site The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

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