Outfit of the Week: If I Could Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Oh, those shoes! Those beautiful, red shoes! My reverence for their old west gambler style, the vague motorcyle boot influence of the harness, and their gender-neutrality – not to mention their respelendent pop of color! – had me considering making them the main attraction for my next Unisex-y blog. But, alas, the largest size we carry is just one size too small. Hrmph. No matter, though. I figure if I can’t have the Get Outta My Dreams Shoes, the least someone could let me do is  let me dress them up in these luscious low cuts. It turns out that Ashley, ModCloth’s Product Coordinator, was willing to trust my styling and step in front of the camera wearing an entire outfit of my choosing.

Need some clues about how I styled these shoes? Continue reading.

We’re getting to an awkward point in the year where many of us are eager to witness the egress of the bulky sweaters and coats required by winter weather and welcome the freshness of garments constructed with lighter materials in hopes that Mother Nature might expedite the arrival of Spring. But though we like to think of warmer conditions as being just around the corner, stepping through our front doors tells us that it’s still pretty chilly outside. So, straddling the fuzzy line between the two seasons was the initial inspiration behind my creation of this outfit.

In the beginning of my assembly process, something about the shoes reminded me of what a matador might wear. Maybe it was the flamy hue that mimiced, in my mind, the crimson muleta that bullfighter uses to enrage the bull. This, along with my wish to make sure Ashley had something warm to wrap around her torso, and my fondness for neutrals,  influenced me to choose the wooly, black and white checked Wool You Be Mine Bolero.

At this point, I began noticing a theme: items named after songs! Billy “Our Favorite” Ocean wrote the tune that lent its namesake to the shoes, and Pittsburgh hometown hero Mr. Rogers composed the piece of music that inspired the title of the bolero. So, I rolled with this theme by using as the foundation to the whole ensemble the Eyelet Love In Dress, which took its name from one of my favorite Nick Cave ballads. After that, the rest just fell in place. I wanted to accent Ashley’s waist with the Can You Sparrow Some Change Belt, whose swooping swallows clasp is reminiscent of traditional tattoos that many of our favorite rock and rollers sport. Then, to continue the fine feathered friend motif, I decided to adorn Ashley’s hair with the Old World Elegance Hair Clip. Instead of thick knit tights that we’ve been seeing a lot of this winter, I opted for the Betsey Johnson These Socks are Your Oyster since  not only do they still give some coverage to the leg, but they are absolutely adorable and accordingly neutral in tone. The Lasso the Moon Bag, appropriately grey in color, was the final touch.

How about you, ModReaders? How do you plan to make some stylish updates to your wardrobe for the late winter season?

About Richard

Richard finds style inspiration in an assortment of historical figures, musicians, and movie characters, including Doc Holliday, Tracy Pew, Han Solo, and El Topo. When not tapping at the computer keyboard for ModCloth, Richard spends his time playing music and dreaming of composing the perfect soundtrack to an epic gothic western film set on a distant, dusty planet, where the cowboys ride rocket-powered motorcycles instead of horses.

5 Responses to Outfit of the Week: If I Could Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

  1. Jenn 01/22/2010 at 2:05 pm #

    Love how you played with different black, white, and grey clothes and accessories (and added that wonderful pop of red)! I may just have to replicate this outfit in the near future! :)

  2. Annie 01/22/2010 at 6:07 pm #

    Knee socks seem to be a theme this week on the blog, and I love it!

  3. Gail 01/23/2010 at 12:30 am #

    That’s the cutest model I have ever seen!
    Ashley’s Mom

  4. Mandy 01/24/2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Ashley looks awesome!!

  5. Sarita 01/25/2010 at 10:52 am #

    Love the look!

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