Bringing You the Best of Bryant Park and More!

From asking you about your favorite vintage finds at the flea market to discussing a pair of ten-inch heels you admire as art in motion on the catwalk, we strive to keep you up to date in the world of fashion! But, we also want to stay ahead of the curve by setting our own trends! That’s why instead of simply posting runway photos from New York Fashion Week, we decided to go the extra mile and personally infiltrate Bryant Park with a little taste of ModCloth!

From today until the 18th, we will be creating a unique presence at Fashion Week. Over the course of the next week, we’ll capture our own Seen Styles and interview interesting personalities, all while keeping you in touch with our own take on Fashion Week through Twitter, Facebook, and ModLife blog posts!

To add a drop of intrigue, I can tell you that Hide and Chic will be coming with us! So stay on your toes and keep your eyes peeled for a tote filled with ModCloth goodies that will be secretly hidden in the city — its whereabouts will be revealed through clues on Twitter! Even better, if you’re in the area, you might just have a run-in with a ModCloth writer or representative of our press team!

Stay tuned as we take a bite out of the Big Apple’s Fashion Week!

About Julianne

Julie Since graduating from the "Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too," Julie's aptness for the written word picked up steam like a runaway train. Her journey thus far has been fueled by an adventurous heart, creative mind, and love of breakfast, baking, and bacon. She often makes social situations more awkward than they need to be and loves the word "scrumtrulescent!"

5 Responses to Bringing You the Best of Bryant Park and More!

  1. Pam 02/11/2010 at 1:34 pm #

    I love reading interviews.

  2. Jenny K. 02/11/2010 at 2:29 pm #

    Oh fashion week..To be a stiletto on the runway this week! How great would that be?
    Ahhh Hide and Chic sounds absolutely thrilling! Not that I should get my hopes up, living right smack in the Bible belt, there’s not too many runways here..hehe.
    Still, I can’t wait!

  3. jodi 02/11/2010 at 4:56 pm #

    can’t wait to see the new collections & the street style!

    in sad news…

    i suggest a tribute to ALEXANDER MCQUEEN this upcoming week.
    what a HUGE loss.

  4. Hannah (ModCloth) 02/12/2010 at 11:12 am #

    So excited for yinz! Way to go. Have fun for me.

  5. alyson 02/12/2010 at 12:48 pm #

    fashion week is the best! going to four shows this season…so stoked!

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