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Shakespearean Cuteness

Forget nursery rhymes. Someday, I’m going to teach my babies Shakespearean soliloquies!…

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Comme Des DIY

My eyes were peeled in New York this past week for fashions off the runway and worthy of a ModCloth mention! When skirting around the Fashion Week tents, I took particular notice of this creative dresser waiting to observe the …

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Stuff We Miss: The Possibilities Were Endless

If you ever wanted to be a fashion designer when you grew up, maybe you had one of these Fashion Plates sets by Tomy Toys.

With these totally awesome plates featuring raised outlines of outfit pieces, you could create …

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Top 10 Really Obscure Words

Image Above:

When Hamlet said, “Words, words, words,” he spoke to the Top Ten of our souls. Yes! What better Top 10 than one that’s both educative and fun!? None! So strap on those thinking caps, everyone, and learn …

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Styles Cut Out for a Seasonal Transition

A shift in seasons is about to occur,  so metamorphose your wardrobe from woolly, wintry looks into sprightly, spring expressions with the crisp contours found in our new stylebook!  Boasting a bouquet of invigorating colors, ambrosial florals, and stunning statement …

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I Think I Like You: Casey Hanner of Donora

Click on the “play” button for the music video above. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Did you find yourself bobbing your head along to the infectiously catchy tune? Maybe you smiled as the chanteuse cutely crooned “I’d go for Thai …

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US weekly mention February 22nd

The Dot Your I’s Blouse was featured in the February 22nd 2010 issue of US Weekly!!!

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The Museum of Modern Celebrity Tweets

Forget the Guggenheim, MoMA, and all those other museums of contemporary art. If you make only one museum visit this week, make it to the Museum of Modern Celebrity Tweets. Run by illustrator Odessa Begay, this Tumblr-based …

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Holy Cow!

Making musical discoveries is just about my favorite thing on earth. I get quite a thrill digging up rare gems on YouTube, such as this video from Aussie band, the Sacred Cowboys, whom I found buried deep down in …

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Modern Tradition

Who: Sammy, a lil’ self-proclaimed “fashion” blogger of Paperdoll Sammy

What: Vintage, over-sized lightly-padded lace blazer

Where: Online, from Vintage Pod

How Much: MYR20

When I use It: Whenever I need to glam up a ho-hum, monotonous outfit, or with …

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Obsolete Fashion: Patent Worthy Pattens?

Pattens were protective overshoes worn by men and women from the Middle Ages into the early 1900s. Built of raised wooden or metal soles and adjustable leather straps to hold the wearer’s shoes in place, pattens were designed to keep …

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We're Flippin' Over National Pancake Week!

Holy crêpe! Pancakes are great!

In honor of National Pancake Week, we hit the griddle with specialty flapjack recipes from ModCloth fans. Check ‘em out after the jump.…

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"'V' Stands for Victory, Valentine, and Vagina"

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day, yes, but it is also V-Day, a global movement devoted to ending violence against women and girls.

This movement was pioneered by playwright, performer, and activist Eve Ensler. Ensler has spent the …

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Outfit of the Week: Snow Stylish!

Snowstorm? What snowstorm? These ModCloth employees managed to stay stylish even in several feet of snow! Their secret? Lots of layers, and loads of lovely outerwear!

Above, Sari looks chic in her Albuquerque CoatStargazer Skirt, and …

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