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Are You Champion of the Wardrobe World?

Look out, Team USA — because we’ve caught Olympic fever! To celebrate, we’re bringing you our own style-inspired sporting event with! Don’t know about Kaboodle? It’s a community where trendsetters can create collages called ‘styleboards’ with all of …

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Here's How We Would 'A-Dress' You

Sarah and I were recently invited to speak to a group of aspiring fashionistas about the subject of style! We happily accepted, and since it was a co-ed crowd, we decided to deliver an oration about the utility of unisex …

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Pittsburgh Tribune Review

The Venice Biennial Jacket was featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review on Feb 11th, 2010, along with a quote from our co-founder, Susan!!

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This Just In

bright sunny yellow trench coat tulle retroSunny Disposition Trench

We may be in the middle of the Snowpocalypse here in Pittsburgh, but that hasn’t kept me from thinking about my spring wardrobe! I can’t wait to wear this adorable Tulle trench coat with some ladylike gloves …

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Ruffle Your Frocks Without Ruffling Your Feathers

There’s no easier way to imbue an outfit with DIY darlingness than to add some ruffles. “Wait a minute,” you counter, “Making Ruffles? Easy? I don’t think so.” No, it’s true! Here’s a little DIY project to prove it!…

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Bringing You the Best of Bryant Park and More!

From asking you about your favorite vintage finds at the flea market to discussing a pair of ten-inch heels you admire as art in motion on the catwalk, we strive to keep you up to date in the world of …

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Another Day, Another Turban

When it comes to inspiring Seen Style picks, I have turbans on the brain. I hope this type of sticky thinking ultimately results in me amassing a few vintage turbans of my own, so I can not only continue to …

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Cuteness Is In The Air

Little Felt Owls by Lauren Alane

I found these little guys on Flickr the other day, and thought they were simply adorable! Their creator, Lauren Alane, has an Etsy shop, too. How cute!!

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Blogger of the Moment: Fashion is Poison

Here’s our latest Blogger of the Moment — Lucrecia of Fashion is Poison. Along with her cool outfit pics, she also posts beautiful photos that make you want to explore the world, redecorate your apartment, and revamp your wardrobe. …

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Vintage Sexism: Driving with Women in Cars Edition

Everyone knows that women are terrible drivers.  Sure, statistical data may show that women get into into fewer accidents than men, are less likely to drive under the influence of alcohol, less likely to speed excessively, and less likely …

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Top 10 Things to Do on February 14 if You Don't Have a Valentine

Single gals of the world, lend me your ears! I’ve assembled you all here to unite in solidarity for singlehood! This upcoming weekend, when that commercial bonanza called Valentine’s Day rolls around, let us gather together and go out. We’ll …

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Peach, Plum, Pear

Seeing ModCloth’s new Peach, Plum, Pear Dress reminded us of one of our favorite music videos—  Echo Panda‘s grainy, vintage-feeling spec film for indie-folk warbler Joanna Newsom’s song of the same name. We love the little imperfections of the …

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Favorite Anne Fogarty Find!

Who: Natalie of The Bobby Pin

What: A fun floral dress by Pittsburgh-born designer Anne Fogarty

Where: Buffalo Exchange, San Diego

How Much: $16 for the dress and the jacket

When I use It: I wear them separately. The jacket, …

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Style Icon: Grace Jones

[Image Above:]

I know it’s cliche of me to say, but honestly— Grace Jones is a woman who needs no introduction. The former Bond girl is internationally known as a respectable actress, a provocative model, and a talented musician. …

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