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April 2010 Lucky Mention

The Clueless Skirt and Fig Pudding Top were featured in the April 2010 issue of Lucky Magazine!!!

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Sound Bite

You know a music video is gonna be good when it starts off in in a spaceship navigated by three bearded dudes in a turban, samurai kabuto, and combat helmet. After a four year hiatus, UK band the Archie Bronson

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Outfit of the Week: Country Pretty Meets City Chic

Even though it’s still too chilly for bare arms and legs, Sari’s outfit proves you can wear spring pieces any time of year, as long as you layer properly. The inspiration for her ensemble? Country romance meets city chic. I …

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Style Icon: Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto of Gossip

Photo: Gossip

Mary Beth Patterson, aka Beth Ditto, fronts indie rock dance band Gossip. Beth’s uncompromising, in-your-face attitude and physical presentation has earned her a special place in the hearts of millions. In a little over three years, Beth …

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It’s About Time!

Okay, so, I’ll chalk it up to big misunderstanding, but when Emily said she could get us into the Ronny Stash & the Good Deeds concert for free, I assumed that meant she had tickets for the show.

We agreed …

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Stylishly Slouching Around

I love cute frocks as much as the next girl….well, that’s a lie. I love them conceptually, but on most days you’ll find me in my fave pair of skinnies.  But even though my heart belongs to …

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The Artful and Thoughtful Anja of Clever Nettle

Is fashion your muse? Then, why not recreate the frocks you fall for on paper? Artist, vintage seller, and stylish gal Anja Verdugo of Clever Nettle does just that, and ModCloth was lucky enough to have her paint lovely watercolors …

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Down by the Bay

It may be a rather dreary day down by the bay, but there’s nothing to stop you from brightening up the landscape with your wardrobe selections! This adorable ensemble captures so many things I love in an …

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Hipster Cuteness

hipster puppies, cute find, dogs, boston terrier

“For Tillie, having a Mad Men premiere party means dressing up, drinking Manhattans and being totally insufferable.” Photo: Hipster Puppies

This week’s Cute Find is Hipster Puppies, a site where you can submit a photo of your dog dressed …

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Blogger of the Moment: Late Afternoon

When I was at New York Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to grab coffee with our latest Blogger of the Moment, Liz of Late Afternoon, a true California-girl fashionista . I already knew from her blog that she …

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Grandpap Vic’s Risotto

In many families, the matriarch rules the kitchen. However, I daresay that my grandfather is the best cook in my family — just don’t tell my grandma, okay?

My 100% Italian grandfather’s risotto is super delicious and fairly simple to …

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This American Life

John Updike probably didn’t read that many fashion magazines. I can’t really picture him as a Glamour sort of guy, you know? But I think he would have liked — even loved? — this editorial from the March …

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Obsolete Fashion: OMG, Look at Her Bum Roll

Turns out, modern day clothing “enhancers” (such as the Booty Pop) are not all that new! Bum rolls were plump, crescent shaped pillows worn by middle and upper class ladies during the Elizabethan era. These 16th …

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Time Out New York March 4th Mention

The Plaid-dington Station Cape was featured in the March 4-10 2010 issue of Time Out New York!!!

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