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Running on Unisex-y Time

Our writing team intern Christen was recently invited to an out-of-town writers’ conference for a couple of days. The organizers of the event loved an article she had written for her college magazine, The Original, and asked her to …

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Mile High Style

We all loved meeting Zoe last Friday at our The Written Wardrobe Party in Denver, Colorado. We noticed her as soon as she arrived, and knew we just had to snap her photo! I love how she makes her classic …

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Amsterdam’s in the ‘Houseboat!’

In this outfit: Garden Club Dress, The Bauhaus Belt, Livingstone Peep Toe Wedge, St. Cecilia Locket, Petal Perfect Headband, Lipstick in Cosmopop

Amsterdam is a culture-stuffed city exploding with super sights — enough to keep …

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Top 10 Kitschy Lawn Ornaments

All A-Twitter Haiku Contest

Photo: Flickr user Alovesdc

Plants and trees aren’t the only way to spruce up your yard — there’s also those oft-cheesy lawn ornaments. Should you choose to decorate with them, these silly sculptures will make your grassy plot colorful in …

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Why, Hello There, Handsome: An Interview with We Are Handsome

In this day and age, convincing women to ditch their teeny weenie string bikinis for a traditional one-piece is a near-impossible mission. But you’ll find that swimwear designers Jeremy Somers and Indhra Chagoury are quite persuasive.

Running under the name …

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All A-Twitter Haiku Contest

It’s National Poetry Month, and we’re celebrating with our “All A-Twitter Haiku Contest!” So, take your theoretical quills in hand, and start writing for a chance to win a $100 ModCloth gift certificate!

Before dust kicks up in the wake …

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Saying, “I ‘Care Bear’ About Style!”

“Is that an old Care Bears pillowcase made into a shirt? I have to talk to that girl!” I thought when I spotted Gena at last week’s AWP Conference in Denver. I was not only lucky enough to chat with …

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Thank Goodness For Goodwill!

Who: Jessica of the blog Wardrobes and Whimsy

What: Vintage pleated light denim shorts

Where: Goodwill

How Much: $3

When I Use It: I’ll be wearing them all summer!  I love that the high waisted and paper bag-style fit balances …

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Mexican Tortilla Bake & Homemade Horchata

I’m not a vegan, but I am a proud vegetarian who enjoys cooking and baking without using dairy or animal products as often as possible. As a lover of Mexican food and lasagna, I was thrilled to stumble across a …

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Tales from the Road: AWP Conference in Denver

Reading, writing, and a ridiculously good time. That pretty much sums up the 2010 Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference.

We left behind Pittsburgh’s 80-degree weather for the cool, blue skies of the Mile High City. Imagine our …

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Vintage Sexism: Women in the Workplace Edition

vintage ads

Images, clockwise from top:, Epiclectic’s Flickr

Recently, I’ve been catching up on my Mad Men, and as I observe Sterling and Cooper’s office dynamics, I cannot help but get fired up when I see the way Peggy …

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Spring Fever Blogger Challenge: Week 2!

It’s week two of our Spring Fever Blogger Challenge. Vote for your favorite styling of the Na-Na-Nineties Dress! Is it This Time Tomorrow, Strawberry Koi, Selective Potential, or Keiko Lynn?

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