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Bands You’d Take Home to Your Mother

What better way to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day than introducing her to your latest crush —musical crush, that is! Many musicians might not fit the bill to bring home to dinner, so we’ve gone ahead and picked a few …

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Some of our favorite finds aren’t necessarily “found” as much as they are passed down from generation. This Mother’s Day, to honor our trendsetting moms, a few ModCloth employees shared their favorite finds that were passed down to …

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Outfit of the Week: Denim Revival

I’ll admit, when I discovered head-to-toe denim was on this spring’s fashion forecast, I panicked. I’m wary of wearing multiple denim pieces at once. Sporting this denim, tie-dye-inspired dress by Olga de Polga seemed to me a safer — but …

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Eric and Susan were named as finalists in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs 2010!!!

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Stuff We Miss: Women Who Rocked Out

The most visible women of music right now are, in my opinion, pretty rad. Beyoncé’s sass and class is inspiring. Ke$ha’s sense of humor is refreshing. Lady Gaga’s edgy lyrics and synthetic metal costumes are genius. However, I yearn for …

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The Rhinestone Sisterhood: Win a Copy of Our Book of the Month!

What do crayfish, church buggies, and a Bayou Christmas have in common? All are things you could be Queen of in the state of Louisiana. Regions across the country proudly tout their specialties through annual festivals and fairs, along the …

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Style Icon: Hitchcock Starlets

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Photo: Britannica

She’s a sun kissed San Franciscan with a mysterious past. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, no nonsense kind of gal who happens to be a master of espionage. She’s a well-spoken young socialite, with a …

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Top 10 Radical Women in History

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earheart. Photo: Smithsonian Institution

It’s not easy to defy norms now, so imagine how difficult it would have been in the staid societies of the past! Despite rigid rules and exigent expectations, more than a few marvelous maidens …

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Style Glossary: Millinery

From boaters to facinators, from cloches to birdcages — millinery is the focus of this installment of Style Glossary!

Millinery is design, crafting, and sale of (you guessed it) hats! I felt this word was particularly …

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Get a Solar Flares Grab Bag While They Last!

When a super hot deal like this comes along, things can get pretty exciting all around. The sun may even send explosive energy through space and into a ModCloth tote! So, get a Solar Flares Grab Bag before they burn

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8 DIY Sites to Follow on Twitter

If your weapon of choice is a glue gun, we recommend following these 8 craftastic accounts!

@craft — Craft ‘n’ tweet to your heart’s content by following Craft zine, which tweets daily “How-To” videos and posts, along with some …

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Blogger of the Moment: Selective Potential

You’ll probably recognize Tieka of Selective Potential from our recent Spring Fever Blogger Challenge. After working with her on that project, I realized I wanted to know a little more about this wonderful blogger, and I thought you all …

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Obsolete Fashion: Are You Ga-Ga for Go-Go Boots?

go-go boots, obsolete fashion, 1960s 60

Images (clockwise from top left): Sarah Richmond,, Star-Telegram

Before the mid-1960s, women wore boots in inclement weather or while engaging in outdoor activities — never for fashion. But as skirts and hemlines rose in the 60s, style …

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Playing with Contrast

Summer Dress and Wintry Accessories

Photo: user Jing Xin Lee

When I saw this girl in her meringue of an outfit, I sighed with amorous rapture. How perfect she looked in her vanilla white getup! What was it that I loved so much about …

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