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Meet Nicole

Say hello to Nicole, ModStylist and artist!

Name: Nicole
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite trend of moment: Neons! I love color.
Most cringe-worthy outfit: Eighth grade, first day of school. I picked out this outfit of clogs, pleated pants, and a …

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Blogger of the Moment: Fashion Squad

I was first introduced to this lovely Swedish blogger, Carolina of Fashion Squad, at the Chictopia luncheon during Fashion Week. After meeting her, I checked out her blog and loved it! Not only does her site showcase her impeccably …

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Vintage Sexism: Single Ladies Edition

Image: The Sister Project

What do Dorothy, age 25, Beth, age 22, and Hildegarde, age 27, all have in common? Besides possessing “natural charm” and the ability to “dress well, talk well, and dance well,” it is, quite simply, the …

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Scarves, Our New Summer Staple!

Unlike Sandy and Danny Zuko, scarves don’t get much summer lovin’. After we saw this smart New Yorker using her scarf as a cardigan substitute, though, we’re not sure why. Loosely woven scarves are the perfect solution to cool summer …

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Sweet on Sweden: Visiting Stockholm

In this Outfit: Spinning A Yarn Top, The Kim Shorts, Action Packed Purse in Red, Cairo Cutie Flats, Red Bow Bright Headband

Change the famed lyric “I am a rock /I am an island,” around to …

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Watermelon Mini Cake Delights

Served as a desert,  or savored as a summer snack, this recipe is vegan, fresh, and full of raw goodness for every occasion! Would you have guessed that the paste on top of these watermelon squares was made from a …

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Top 10 19th-Century Men’s Accessories

With menswear-inspired womenswear making another comeback, we thought we’d take a peek at historic men’s accessories. Some have been adopted by women, others remain intact, and still more have dissipated into the fog of …

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The Buyers Go to Renegade Craft Fair!

Trade shows aren’t the only place where our buyers look for new ModCloth products! Last week, our jet-setting buyers attended the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn to scout for new vendors and see what’s new in the world of DIY …

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When ModCloth and Market Publique Collide

Competitive shoppers, get ready! We’ve paired up with online vintage marketplace Market Publique to showcase and sell not one, but 21 one of a kind items, that will be auctioned off over the course of ten days. After setting your …

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Meet Adil

Meet Adil, a former pro video gamer and ModCloth’s Head of Experience!

Name: Adil
Hometown: Darien, IL
Last book read: Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart by Gerd Gigerenzer
Worst fashion faux pas: Cargo pants
Personal style, in one

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Find a Free Download of Goldfrapp’s “Rocket” in Your Order!

Compare British dance duo Goldfrapp’s enchanting, ethereal debut album Felt Mountain to their newest electronic ’80s glam LP, Head First, and you’ll agree that they’re one of few musicians who succeed in the difficult task of transforming with the …

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Ny Daily News 6/13

The Magenta Magic Flat was featured in the NY Daily News.

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Style Soundtrack: Road Trip Edition

If you’re anything like us  here at ModCloth, then you probably find preparing for a road trip as enjoyable as actually embarking on one. Perhaps the two most important —  and fun! — parts about gearing up for a highway …

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