Join the Discussion on GoodReads!

Summertime, and the reading should be easy! Still haven’t found a worthy page turner to keep you from dozing on the beach? Check out what people are recommending on GoodReads, our favorite social networking site for readers! Interact with other book worms, share your favorite finds, and join book clubs like our Book Smarts group.  Pick up a copy of our July Book of the Month, No Place Like Home, and join the discussion today!

Sign up now to follow what we’re reading here at ModCloth and enter our current contest for a chance to win a free copy of our August Book of the Month!


About Sarah

Who would have thought the little girl in the oversized Goofy t-shirt would grow up to become a fashion writer? Definitely not young Sarah; she was too busy daydreaming about becoming a ninja. A native New Englander, Sarah's goal is to one day own a lake or beach house -- she changes her mind daily. She has a mean curveball and once tried out for the Olympics. She loves pretty purses, going to baseball games, and will go to extraordinary lengths for chocolate. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and a Bachelor's Degree in Awesomeness.

3 Responses to Join the Discussion on GoodReads!

  1. rhea 07/16/2010 at 3:13 pm #

    I’m glad y’all joined and promote the site. I love this site, especially when I’m ready for a new book and can’t possibly think of what to read.

  2. Meghan 07/19/2010 at 1:42 pm #

    I didn’t know you had a group on GoodReads! I love that site & am totally joining in the fun….

  3. Shaeleen 07/24/2010 at 9:08 am #

    Ok all mod cloth readers- to make this book group fun we gotta make it popular. I intend to post in on my facebook (starting in Aug) to get all my book nerd friends reading with us. Everyone else should do the same!!

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