Goodies for a Good Cause: Vegan Sunrise Mini Muffins

Any chance I get to bake, I take. When I found out about the SF Vegan Bakesale via Vegansaurus, I jumped on the opportunity! The bake sale, which took place this past Saturday in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, raised $1,051 for the Milo Foundation and San Francisco Bay Vegetarians, two nonprofit organizations that love and support animals. At the sale, the Milo Foundation was kind enough to set up a few super cute kittens for adoption. It was pretty tough not to take a kitty home, so I settled for indulging in the spread of vegan treats. It was great to see my Vegan Sunrise Mini Muffins among the other delightful delectable goodies!

Vegan Sunrise Mini Muffins
Recipe makes about 36 muffins

1 cup of whole wheat flour
1 cup of cornmeal
1 tablespoon of baking powder
½ cup of agave nectar
½ cup of vegetable oil
¾ cup of soy milk
2 tablespoons of smooth applesauce
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Zest of one lemon

1. Preheat oven to 400° F.
2. Lightly mix together flour, cornmeal, and baking powder.
3. In a separate bowl, whisk together agave nectar, oil, milk, applesauce, vanilla, and lemon zest.
4. Toss blueberries into the dry mixture, giving them a light coating of flour. This will keep them from sinking to the bottom of the muffin cups.
5. Add the wet mix into the dry mix, folding gently and making sure not to over-mix.
6. Fill greased muffin cups about 23 of the way full. Bake for 10-12 minutes. When the muffins pass the “toothpick test,” they’re done.

Enjoy these tiny wonders with a cup of peppermint tea and your favorite furry friend (though, I don’t recommend sharing these with your furry friend). Have you participated in any bake sales lately?

About Angela

Someday, Angela will be tending to her sheep, llamas and alpacas on the “Yarn Farm” and raising award winning honey bees. Until then, the native Pittsburgher is enjoying all things related to knitting, her cats, Mr. Spock, red lipstick, and creativity. Writing is her first true love.

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3 Responses to Goodies for a Good Cause: Vegan Sunrise Mini Muffins

  1. Kim 06/25/2011 at 8:28 am #

    I made these as soon as the recipe showed up in my feed! I brought them for the cast of a benefit show I’m in to eat backstage and they were yummy.

  2. Libby 06/26/2011 at 12:26 pm #

    Looks tasty, but doesn’t list an amount of blueberries in the ingredients.

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