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The Bees Knees: No-Bake Peanut Butter Honeybees!

What do stop-motion and cooking have in common? We’ve combined these two creative forces to make the most adorable step-by-step cooking video of all time: delicious, no-bake peanut butter honeybees. Are you buzzing with excitement?

Find the full recipe …

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Summer Lovin' with Bleubird Vintage

Last week, we had the pleasure of inviting veteran Blogger of the Moment, Miss James of Bleubird Vintage, to model for our Summer Lovin’ Collection! We had such a blast behind-the-scenes with her family that we thought …

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Meet the ModDog: Blitz

Name: Blitz
Age: 16 months
Breed: Bloodhound/Beagle/Unknown mix

“San Francisco is such a dog-friendly city,” says Theresa, Paid Search & SEO Specialist, who recently moved over from our Pittsburgh office.  “I wanted to explore my new surroundings with a dog …

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A Hint of Holiday

Can’t wait for the holidays to roll around? Neither can we! So we’re giving you an early present — a glimpse at all the glitz and glamour of the upcoming season with a special Holiday Sneak Peek of this year’s …

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A Festive Finale: Marbleized, No-Bake Cheesecake

‘Firework’ it in the kitchen and impress your buds by whipping up this red, white, and blue cheesecake for your Fourth of July festivities. I opted for a pre-made pie crust to cut prep time, but feel free to craft …

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A.M. to P.M.: A Two-part Pinup Makeup Tutorial

You’ve got your 1950s-inspired A-line, patent peep toes to match, and your hair’s styled so sleek even Bettie P. would be jelly of your style! Now, all you need to secure your polished pin-up look is the makeup to match.…

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A Style Explosion: Fireworks-Effect Duds

When my sister was little, she used to call fireworks ‘Skittles.’ I’m guessing it had to do with the dazzling expanse of rainbow dots the pyrotechnics produced, which, let’s face it, is a breathtaking sight for anyone, whether you’re a …

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