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A ‘Re-treat’ For You

It’s almost time for family gatherings, festive feasts, and the cheerful bustle of the holidays. Before you get caught up in the hoopla, take a moment to watch the behind-the-scenes video for our current stylebook, A Welcome Retreat.

Finding …

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No Place Like ‘Home-page’ Photo Contest!

We just can’t get enough of Instagram! This totally awesome app has a bevy of fun filters, so we can get creative with our behind-the-scenes pics, then easily share our artistic images with fans. We also can’t thank you …

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Before the Modster Mash…

Happy Halloween! As you know, we ModEmployees love a good costume, so we couldn’t resist raising one more Halloween-y hurrah by sharing our most memorable costumes from when we were kids.

Above, on the left, our Writing Development Editor …

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Hey, Sugar! A DIY Lip Exfoliator Sweet Enough to Eat

Simply mix, apply to lips in a circular motion, and wipe this tasty concoction off with a tissue for completely kissable lips. Easy as pie, right? Well, this DIY lip exfoliator how-to is surely as sweet!

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A Special 3-Hour Name It and Win It: Words to Wish By – UPDATE: Contest Now Closed!

If you’ve seen our latest stylebook, Imagine That, then you know ‘tis the season for making wishes! And, if you’ve been wishin’ and hopin’ that you’d get to try your witty hand at yet another round of ModCloth’s Name

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Happy Birthday, Be the Buyer!

We’re so proud to announce that Be the Buyer, the program that allows you to be a Virtual Fashion Buyer, turns two this week! A big thanks to everyone who participates for making Be the Buyer such a success.…

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Street Style: Outrageous Animal Outfits — Yea or ‘Neigh?’

Images via Street Peeper (left and right).

Most people would agree that wee critters strewn like sprinkles across sweet frocks are adorable. Just look at the If the Zoo Fits Dress and the Top Dog Tee; they …

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Personalize Your Pad with DIY Toile!

It’s always fun to brighten up your decor, especially as colder weather drives you indoors. One simple way to spice up your space is by  incorporating toile de Jouy (toile, for short) into a room. Traditional toile fabric features romantic, …

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Style Skirmish: Capes vs. Vests

Here in our office, we’ve been debating the most stylish way to combat those frosty fall mornings! Because it’s not quite cold enough to bundle up in a coat, we tried to choose the best alternative for our autumn ensembles …

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Style Icon: Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Fashion!

She’s creepy and she’s kooky, for sure! But one thing the famed theme song left out was Wednesday Addams’ seriously scary knack for style! From her impeccably braided coiffure and moon-shaped, ghastly pale face to her grimly hued garb, she …

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What We Wear: ModStylist Mandy

We’ve come across a recurring theme in customer comments that has us feeling kinda down…

“I need to stop eating.”

“Too bad I’m short and have stubby legs.”

“My feet are freakishly big.”

“I wish I had smaller boobs!”

Why …

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Fall for Flavor: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

Are you ‘pumped-kin’ up for Halloween? Add to the excitement by baking up these indulgent muffins! One of our graphic designers, Erynn, recently ‘trick-or-treated’ the office to her pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies, and I was sold on the sweetly …

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We Want Candy: Your Top Halloween Treats!

Wax bottles are so 1990. Though, if you’re going for the whole nostalgia thing with your Halloween candy selection this year, perhaps you’ll want to ironically give them out — just make sure to follow them with something Reese’s!

Recently, …

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Meet the ModDog: Calvin

Name: Calvin
Age: 1
Breed: Pitbull/Shar-pei mix

With the markings of a young brown cow and the perfect rosebud ears of a purebred, Calvin, Software Engineer Rudy’s precocious pup, is definitely one of the most dashing ModDogs in San …

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