It’s Twin Peaks Day on Tumblr – Just Ask the ‘Blog’ Lady!

Our current stylebook, A Welcome Retreat, transported us to a wonderfully woodsy world, one that reminded us of Twin Peaks, a favorite television series for many of us ModFolk. Though it only lasted for 30 episodes, from 1990-91, the show’s unmatched style and strangeness have kept it a cult classic ever since. Inspired, we sat down with a cup of piping hot coffee (black as midnight on a moonless night) and a hearty slice of cherry pie, and we combed the web for Twin Peaks-inspired images, from enchanting Etsy collections to designer runway shows, and even some very creative nail art!

We hope today’s collection on the ModCloth Tumblr will really ‘peak’ your interest! But, be aware, in this collection, the owls really are what they seem, that gum you like is always in style, and ‘Bob’ is nowhere to be found!

About Cindy

Pun intended. Cindy loves dreaming up witty quips and groan-worthy wordplay. In fact, you could say this girl just wants to have puns. As an avid fan of the written word and a librarian at heart, she also loves used book stores, especially ones that harbor cats. In her leisure, she embarks on meandering thrift shopping excursions, taste-tests classic cocktails, and drools over vintage handbags and basset hounds.

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One Response to It’s Twin Peaks Day on Tumblr – Just Ask the ‘Blog’ Lady!

  1. Olga 11/03/2011 at 8:27 pm #

    OMG, Twin Peaks is one of my favorite TV series ever! I was a teen back in 90′s, and I had the biggest crash on special agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLaugchlin). Every episode was so mesmerizing to me, and the music gave me shivers. I loved every single character, every single one of them was so unique and had a mystery about them. I think that A Welcome Retreat collection captures that warmth and woodsiness of Twin Peaks atmosphere so well. Love it!

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