What ModEmployee Marne is Loving Right Now

With the most wonderful time of the year rapidly approaching, have you been thinking about what you’ll give and get? Let your friends and family know what you’re pining for with a well-rounded wishlist. Need a little inspiration? Just look to our extraordinary ModEmployees! I dropped by the desk of Apartment Buyer Marne to get the dish on what she’s adding to her holiday wishlist.

As a member of ModCloth’s Apartment & Gift Buying team, Marne searches high and low for awesome apartment accoutrements to decorate your digs. When she isn’t finding fabulous furnishings or gathering gift ideas for your nearest and dearest, Marne enjoys adding to her already impressive collection of tote bags and vintage office supplies. For this edition of Employee Loves, Marne chose the La Sardinia Lomography Camera in Cubic.

“I love the cameras that Lomography comes up with and this particular La Sardina is no exception,” says Marne. “Look at how awesome that pattern is! It’s guaranteed to bring fun photographic life to you and your friends’ holiday or New Year’s Eve parties with colored filters for the flash!”

Wondering what else Marne has on her wishlist? Check out Marne’s Love List for more great gift ideas!

About Julie O.

As a child, Julie terrorized her mother by dreaming up a line of shrink-wrap clothing, styling outfits inspired by Hair, The Musical, and stealing Vogues from the laundromat. While shrink-wrap is no longer a style staple, Julie never lost her love for fashion. When she’s not writing for ModCloth, Julie can be found on her blog, Orchid Grey.
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