What ModEmployee Ryan is Loving Right Now

Today, I called upon Associate Graphic Designer Ryan, to see what ModCloth item made his most-wanted list. As part of ModCloth’s graphic design team, Ryan concocts visuals that grace our site, blog, and e-mails. When he isn’t setting typography or painting portraits of pugs, Ryan enjoys building bikes, illustrating, and upholstering.

For this edition of Employee Picks, Ryan gravitated towards the Rock Out Tee. “This shirt jumped out at me,” says Ryan. “I absolutely love mid-century modern styles. The Eames shell chair is an icon of that era of design — the bright red and blue print on the mellow cream shirt is pretty fun, too.”

Wondering what else is topping Ryan’s list? Check out his list of loves for more great gift ideas!

About Julie O.

As a child, Julie terrorized her mother by dreaming up a line of shrink-wrap clothing, styling outfits inspired by Hair, The Musical, and stealing Vogues from the laundromat. While shrink-wrap is no longer a style staple, Julie never lost her love for fashion. When she’s not writing for ModCloth, Julie can be found on her blog, Orchid Grey.

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