Handlettering and ModCloth’s Community Inspire “In With the You”

“Lazy Jane” and other typography-based Shel Silverstein poems inspired the unique graphic design treatment for our latest stylebook, In With the You. Our gorgeous models, Adelle, Lily, and Madison, embodied our inspirational ModCloth community in looks built upon a soft springtime palette, with nods toward cold weather layering techniques — a bowed jersey scarf here, a felt hat there, or a shiny slicker in case of sudden downpours. And, as usual, quintessential vintage style continues to inspire all of the creative folks who work on each and every ModCloth stylebook.

Here are just some of the images that inspired me as I set out to style In With the You, as well as behind-the-scenes snaps from our shoot!

An advertisement from 1958 via My Vintage Vogue and Ashley Ording via Fancy Fine.

Portrait of Brigitte Bardot via Fanpop.

“Lazy Jane” by Shel Silverstein via Because Shel Silverstein is cooler than Life.

An editorial from Seventeen, circa 1953,  via My Vintage Vogue.

Rachel Comey’s Fall 2011 RTW collection via Confetti Me Please and Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close via Collider.

New York street styl via The Sartorialist.

“Closeted” by Taylor Shields, a traditional granny square pattern via Twisted Knitter, and an Anne Fogarty advertisement from 1953 via My Vintage Vogue, and model Suzy Parker in 1959 via My Vintage Vogue.

How has our latest collection influenced the start of your year?

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