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People Style Watch, June 2012

The Yellow, My Name Is Dress was featured in the June issue of People Style Watch.

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Weight Watchers, May/June 2012

The Meow for Measuring Cups were featured in the May/June issue of Weight Watchers Magazine.

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Usher an Oasis of Charm into Your Afternoon with this Otherworldly Video

I nearly had to drumroll my hands on my cheeks when I first saw this video, Østersøen, just to make sure I wasn’t lost in a dream. Happy for all of us, this digital reel is reality, because its ethereal, …

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Music for Muse: Etta’s Inspiring Album Covers

When I hear Etta James‘ long-adored track “At Last,” it’s with fleeting embarrassment that I recall that scene in Pleasantville where protoganist David and his sweetheart Margaret coast down lovers’ lane. The song hums from the couple’s car radio …

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Street Style: Working a Pattern

Images via  The Sartorialist and Vanessa Jackman

If your work wardrobe is feeling a bit drab these days, why not take a note from these stylish ladies, and add a bold dose of pattern to your office outfits? Whether it’s …

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SprinkleBakes: May’s Book of the Month Giveaway

How can you not be tickled by a name like “SprinkleBakes”? Our current Book of the Month, SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist, is probably one of the sweetest cookbooks ever.  Author Heather Baird, of the award-winning

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Bookmark This: Industry of One

File this under “Things We Wish We’d Thought of Ourselves But Love Too Much to Really Care.” This week, our team is crushing on Industry of One, a newly hatched periodical that explores the relationship between our work and …

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Fave Finds: Renae’s Nautical-Inspired Outfit

Who: Renae of Dress Me Polly

What: Vintage dress and belt

Where: Oh Henry Vintage in Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia

How Much: $35 AUD for the dress, $25 for the belt

When I Use It: “This was the first …

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Show & Tell: Vivi Dot Designer Molly Gaines and Her Way Cute Workspace

From Patrick Swayze buttons to hairpins boasting psychedelic prints, designer Molly Gaines of Vivi Dot crafts her handmade goodies in a home studio as quirky as her retro-inspired line of accessories. This Seattle resident named her company after her grandmothers — Vivi and Dot — whom she credits for her creative moxie and sense of humor. Between crafting and creating, she invited us in for a virtual tour of her stylish space!

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Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer  featured an article about the recent funding ModCloth raised.

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Music Giveaway! Looking Upbeat with Meiko’s The Bright Side

Photo by Leigha Hodnet

Music is like love. Sometimes, you hear an album 100 times before you realize, “Hey, I kinda like you.” Other times, you’re instantly hurricaned off your feet in a bout of adoration, which is exactly what …

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Street Style: Just Go Retro

We spotted this retro-inspired gal while browsing the booths at the Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire and were smitten with her aqua frock and contrasting canary-hued specs!

What would you wear for a day of foraging at a flea market?…

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Rock Your Work Wardrobe with these Tips from ModEmployees

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet on a Monday morning, completely stumped on what to wear to work? We’ve all been there — whether you’re working retail, running to the office, or meeting with clients, …

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Vintage Sexism: Work It, Girl

Oh yes, we can do it! Do you often get pumped about an inspiring female lead? Does this woman manage the office or call the shots? This doesn’t happen nearly enough in popular entertainment. Our current stylebook, Nine to Fine

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