Far from Juvenile: Child Actor, You, & 2013

2013 will undoubtedly be a big year for up-and-coming band Child Actor. Formed just last year, this indie-infused, R&B-influenced outfit is already making waves. Their music, originally created by cousin team Sedgie and Max, is dreamy and unique, and the duo has now expanded to include a third member.

So, what does Child Actor sound like, you ask? Their music is complicated, satisfying, and simultaneously muddled and organized; it is an enveloping experience that keeps you going back track after track.

Since February 2012, the group’s released two EPs and their first full LP, titled Victory.  In addition, they’ve put out six music videos. Six! Clearly, they have been busy — and it has not gone unnoticed. Garnering attention from music press both in their native U.S. and abroad, Child Actor might just have the stars aligned to be as famous as its namesake celebs.

So, plug in your headphones and close your eyes, because you’re about to discover one of your new favorites for 2013.

What do you think will be big in music this year? Let us know in the comments!

About Nora

A recent graduate into the “big scary real world,” Nora’s life is mainly comprised of embarrassing situations, great adventures, and meticulous journaling about both. Nora tripped on stage while receiving her college diploma and then promptly moved 3,000 miles away, but somehow her parents still love her. She is music-obsessed and can be expected to pump up the jams and dance like a crazy person every chance she gets.

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