Falling for the Dreamy Sounds of On An On

We know “Manic Monday” is the unofficial theme song of Mondays, but sometimes you don’t need The Bangles reminding you of how stressful the start of the week is, amirite? For those of you looking for a calmer way to enter the week, we recommend the dream-soaked, super-chill sounds of newcomers On An On. The newly formed band is less than a year old — bandmates Alissa Ricci, Nate Eiseland, and Ryne Estwing created On An On just last spring — but their 10-track debut, Give In, is pro stuff. From the gorgeous, languid melody of “Ghosts” to the infectious, insistent beat of “The Hunter,” the album is full of crush-worthy songs to fill your week with. Take the album for a spin — we promise you’ll find a favorite (or two)!

What songs are you jamming to this week?

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Jenn's first career aspiration was to be a dinosaur. After her kindergarten teacher informed her that couldn't happen, she decided she would be the next best thing: a writer. Aside from writing, Jenn loves chambray shirts, all cacti, and good typography.

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