Looking through Young Prisms

“But if you run with me, I’ll run with you, too,” coos singer Stefanie Hodapp in the chorus of “Runner,” a beautiful dream-pop tune by the San Francisco group Young Prisms – and we can’t help but be totally entranced. The swoon-worthy, recently-premiered video, directed by Andrew Stephen Lee, evokes a sincere thoughtfulness that meshes perfectly with the song. We love the slow motion treatment in the video, which draws special attention and makes each moment more meaningful, elegant, and epic. The picturesque scenes of running, climbing, driving, and, of course, throwing TVs off of a bridge, leave us wanting to go out and enjoy life to the fullest. We’re ready to run right along with Young Prisms — and maybe eventually even think about growing up!

What’s your favorite new music video right now?

About Nora

A recent graduate into the “big scary real world,” Nora’s life is mainly comprised of embarrassing situations, great adventures, and meticulous journaling about both. Nora tripped on stage while receiving her college diploma and then promptly moved 3,000 miles away, but somehow her parents still love her. She is music-obsessed and can be expected to pump up the jams and dance like a crazy person every chance she gets.

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