Laura Callaghan’s Marvelous & Mischievous Illustrations

three's a crowdThree’s a Crowd by Laura Callaghan.

Thanks to the never-ending waterfall of visual inspiration that is Pinterest, my art crushes have gone from a few a month to a dozen a day. Today’s ‘objet d’heart’ is the illustrated work of Laura Callaghan. The Irish artist’s watercolor, pen, and India ink pieces vary in style and subject — depending, of course, on their intended usage, who commissioned them, and so on — but it’s her fantastical depictions of everyday girls that are my favorite. Color-rich, fashion-filled, sometimes spooky, and always slightly mischievous, these are illustrations that will tease your imagination and delight your design eye.

narrative oneNarrative One by Laura Callaghan.

RecordsRecords by Laura Callaghan.

shangri-lasShangri-las by Laura Callaghan.

Pink roomPink Room by Laura Callaghan.

Oh Comely 8 - HamsterHamster for Oh Comely #8 by Laura Callaghan.

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