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Someday, Angela will be tending to her sheep, llamas and alpacas on the “Yarn Farm” and raising award winning honey bees. Until then, the native Pittsburgher is enjoying all things related to knitting, her cats, Mr. Spock, red lipstick, and creativity. Writing is her first true love.

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Book of the Month: Pinhole Cameras - A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Pinhole Cameras: October’s Book of the Month Giveaway

Chris Keeney’s Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide shows you how to build and operate your own camera by using everyday household materials and a few specialty items.

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Meet Our Super Stylists in Our New Stylebook

Scenes from a typical work day for Bri, Rachel, and Brittney.

It means a lot to us when you talk about the outfits in our stylebooks, on our homepages, and right here on the blog. Do you know who puts …

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The Indie Rock Coloring Book: August’s Book of the Month Giveaway

ModCloth's graphic designers

Book of the Month: The Indie Rock Coloring Book

Going to an art gallery—pretty sophisticated, huh? Attending an indie rock show—super cool. Coloring—FUN! That’s exactly what you can do with The Indie Rock Coloring Book, our August Book of the Month!

Created by the do-gooders at Montreal organization …

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Find Your ‘Art’s’ Devotion with Our Exclusive Artist Totes

ModCustomer art totes
From top left: Totes from Miyuki SarahClaire OringJayde A. Cardinalli, Kelly HickenbottomJasmin DarnellTiffany Atkin.

We’ve been using the art/heart pun a lot lately, and that’s because we’re so excited about …

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An Easy Peasy, Pretty DIY: Paint Chip Magnets

Bring out your true colors as an artist with this super simple DIY paint chip magnet project! Dedicate a few minutes or an afternoon to this low-commitment craft, and then get ready for a world of color.

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Meet the Artists in Our New Stylebook, Fashion From the ‘Art’

What inspires your style? Surely, some of you take hints from art, which is exactly what we did for our latest stylebook, Fashion from the ‘Art’. A few months ago, we began collecting art from our fans, and eight …

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Quiz of the Month: Shop Our Outfits

Our current stylebook, Above & Beyond, takes you from the pages of an astronomy text book to not-so-far-away and stylish stars. This Quiz of the Month tests your knowledge of astronomical phenomenon—and ability to perceive a few puns! Not …

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More Badder Grammar!: July’s Book of the Month Giveaways

So we all make mistakes sometime. There’s not enough time to properly revise your term paper, you need a second pear of eyes to look over that blog post. But you just want to get it done. Receiving feedback for …

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Calling All Volunteers & Non-profit Workers!

We’re collecting inspiration for our winter campaign, and who better to ask than you? We want to hear from you! Let us know at you@modcloth.com, and you could have a hand in an upcoming stylebook or feature!…

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Side Walks: June’s Book of the Month Giveaway

While summer vacation is perfect for exploring an exotic land or new-found city, it’s also a lovely opportunity to discover unnoticed sights and sounds, even flavors, in your own back yard. For the latter, illustrator Kate Pocrass created this fun …

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Our New Stylebook Takes You on an Adventure

It’s June! At ModCloth, that means we celebrate one of our favorite summer activities: roadtripping! Our new stylebook, Adventures in Style, features a fun, interactive map that we hope will be one of your summer vacation and fashion guides. …

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Merry Cranberry & Pear Muffins

In our recent Book of the Month post, I asked “What baked sweets or savory noms make you feel nostalgic?” Many of you mentioned holiday treats, which inspired the flavors of these cranberry pear muffins.

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The Jane Austen Handbook: August’s Book of the Month Giveaway

Pray tell me, what would Jane Austen do? The answer is in The Jane Austen Handbook by Margaret C. Sullivan, featured in our very first Book of the Month video. This book offers tongue-in-cheek advice that may have worked for …

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Out of This World with Young Galaxy

With a compelling sound and a keen sense for style, Montreal’s indie electronic trio Young Galaxy is a must-hear! Their newest album, Shapeshifting, is ethereal and engaging. The band’s vocalist and keyboardist, Catherine McCandless, talked to us about fashion …

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