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Best Job Ever: Denise Porcaro, Floral Designer

At New York's most fashionable events, the question asked of hosts is oftentimes not, "Who did your hair?" but, "Who did your flowers?" And, if you're asking the folks at Stella McCartney, Marchesa, or Vanity Fair, the answer is likely to be: "Denise Porcaro of Flower Girl, of course." Read more »

Best Job Ever: Sarah Dunbar, Vintage Shop Owner

Here at ModCloth, we have a serious love for everything vintage, so we headed over to the sunny side of the Bay to interview Sarah Dunbar, owner of award-winning vintage boutique Pretty Penny, to ask her how she turned her passion for vintage into the Best Job Ever. Read more »

Best Job Ever: Ada Limón, Writer

Ada’s favorite workspace within the Sonoma Meadow House,where we held the interview and photo shoot.

When you combine over a decade of experience in the magazine industry, relentless motivation, and a whole lot of heart, hard work really does …

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Best Job Ever: Emily Bidwell, Etsy Merchandising Specialist

Emily Bidwell’s job is not for the easily overwhelmed. As an merchandising specialist, she plunges into the depths of the Etsy marketplace each day, sifting through nearly eight million listings for vintage wares and handmade goods. Yes, her …

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Best Job Ever: Aya Akazawa, Senior Designer at Chronicle Books

We recognize a fellow bibliophile when we see one, and Aya Akazawa’s adoration of books was apparent from the start. As a Senior Designer at Chronicle Books, Aya spends her days designing and art directing gorgeous titles such as …

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Best Job Ever: Jenny Hart, Embroidery Entrepreneur

Think embroidery’s something only grandma gets a kick out of? Then you haven’t met Jenny Hart, stitching’s savvy sweetheart. The Austin, Texas-based artist and owner of Sublime Stitching brings a modern, innovative touch to the ancient craft with her …

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Best Job Ever: Gretchen Harnick, Parsons Professional

Say auf wiedersehen to settling for anything less than your dream job by learning a thing or two from ParsonsGretchen Harnick. The savvy 42-year-old went from promoting checking accounts to becoming a fashion marketing assistant professor and …

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Best Job Ever: Kari Byron, Mythbuster

Kari Byron kicks butt. From shooting machine guns to rolling giant balls of Legos down the street, she keeps us entertained and educated each week on Mythbusters, Discovery Channel’s show that puts common – and not so common – …

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