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Celebrate the Season with Chalk & Numbers

Album cover courtesy of Chalk & Numbers. Band photo by Stephanie Anne Brothers.

If you were left with a case of the warm fuzzies after viewing our adorably soundtracked Spread the Cheer video, then get ready for round …

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Style Soundtrack: Oh Snow Lovely

[8tracks width="600" height="600" playops="" url=""]

Winter welcomes many wonders, but one of my favorites has always been gazing out the window, watching the snowflakes swirl around and fall onto the street below — you know, that ‘inside a snow globe’ …

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Escape into Kate Bush’s Wintry New Album (And Grab a Free Download!)

Image via Official Kate Bush Website

We’ve been whisked away to a wild and wintry world with today’s official release of 50 Words for Snow, Kate Bush’s tenth full-length album. Just in time for the season, these seven …

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Donora’s Story-Rich Sophomore Album, “Boyfriends, Girlfriends”

Few things can take you to a distant place the way music can, and we have just the album that will sweep you away! If you’re looking for a change of scenery, walk on over to Pittsburgh indie trio Donora’s

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Music Giveaway! Sweet Treat Yourself to Some Ashley Brooke Toussant

Don’t let the sweet demeanor of Ashley Brooke Toussant fool you. Yes, we have a sweet spot for Peter Pan collars, tunes of whimsy, and the mint green nail color she’s sporting on her album cover, but our adoration for this…

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A Taste of Music: Listen to our Meow Mix!

No celebration is complete without music, and if you’re celebrating MewsWeek like we are in the ModCloth offices, then you need an appropriate playlist! This isn’t a mix for your cats, well, it could be if they like to listen …

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Bossa Supernova: Brilliant 1960's Album Covers

When A&M Records released Herb Alpert Presents Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66, the jazzy samba sub-genre bossa nova flooded mainstream culture immediately, leaving dashes of its Rio-born flavor everywhere from the White House to the World Expo in Osaka, …

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The 'Sunnyside' of Music: Leftover Cuties

We’re currently spinning the old-soul, new-school tunes of the Leftover Cuties, and here’s why: Let’s start with Shirli, the leading lady of the band – one listen and you’ll feel like you’re kickin’ it back in the days of …

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Style Soundtrack: Find Your Style Shangri-Las

Three of the Shangri-Las showing the world just now to wear pastel pants. Bottom: Conservative skirts and blouses vs. sleek jumpsuits and go-go boots on two of their record sleeves.

In the mid-1960s, radio was in “L-U-V” with girl groups. …

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