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Meet Trollied Dolly!

After interviewing the super sister-sister team at Trollied Dolly, I now get an involuntary smile when I see their adorable dresses on the site. The charismatic duo were a joy to talk to, and you may guess that from …

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New Kind of Kick: An Interview with Lynsey Hand of Miss L Fire Shoes

When I heard I’d be interviewing Lynsey Hand, the London-based shoe designer behind Miss L Fire, I figured my questions would get to her by phone or via an e-mail. I was then informed that she’d be visiting the …

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Annie Greenabelle: Big Style, Little Footprint


I think we can all agree that sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in snatching jazzy new items for our wardrobe, that we forget to think about where the clothes are coming from. …

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Out of Print? Maybe. Out of Style? Never!

You may claim not to judge a book by its cover, but Todd Lawton and Jeff LeBlanc are betting otherwise. Their new venture, Out of Print, blends the unique artwork of classic books into seriously stylish tees. Each …

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Why, Hello There, Handsome: An Interview with We Are Handsome

In this day and age, convincing women to ditch their teeny weenie string bikinis for a traditional one-piece is a near-impossible mission. But you’ll find that swimwear designers Jeremy Somers and Indhra Chagoury are quite persuasive.

Running under the name …

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Meet Shinzi Katoh, and Comment to Win A Free Limited Edition Item!

Most artists would blanch at the thought of their work being treated the way Shinzi Katoh‘s is. The Japanese artist’s work is often covered in food or ink or grime, and is in constant danger of getting scuffed, dropped, …

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Meet Tiffany of KidViskous

Tiffany Lee, founder of KidViskous. (photo by Zak Krevitt from

When I first laid eyes the Haute Handlebar Ring, I knew that I had to have it. (Don’t worry everyone, it’ll be back in stock soon!) So I was extra excited to interview …

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Meet Helena de Natalio

The Uffizi Handbag from Helena de Natalio

Helena de Natalio makes beautiful, soft, leather bags, but there’s much more to her story! Helen, the founder, learned how to sew while in the Peace Corps, and takes pride in her socially-conscious company that’s growing- even …

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Meet Jeffrey Campbell

As if you don’t know him already!

If you’re like me, you were in love with Jeffrey Campbell at first sight. His mixture of street style and vintage inspiration, along with a hint of quirkiness, is just the right formula …

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Dainty June

[The designers behind Dainty June are: Erica Daking, Jen Johnson, and Jennifer Daking]

Dainty June is a group of friends who have combined forces to create a new line, and we’re one of the few stores carrying their first season! …

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