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Meet Helena de Natalio

The Uffizi Handbag from Helena de Natalio

Helena de Natalio makes beautiful, soft, leather bags, but there’s much more to her story! Helen, the founder, learned how to sew while in the Peace Corps, and takes pride in her socially-conscious …

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Rocker Meets Schoolgirl

(Image Above: Late Afternoon)

I LOVE this edgy schoolgirl look! The contrast between the thigh-high socks and the leather jacket is just perfect and the pop of pink skirt is brilliant. Plus, if you look really closely, you’ll see …

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Perfect Psychedelic Pants!

Who: Katie Y.

What: A pair of truly awesome vintage pants

Where: Local antique store

How Much: $29.99

When I use It: I purchased this in 7th grade for a Girl Scout convention, and have kept wearing them ever since! …

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Wild Thing!

(Image Above: Delightfully Tacky)

I’ve been coveting blogger Delightfully Tacky’s style for months so when I got the opportunity to do Style Inspirations this week, I knew I wanted to choose one of her looks. She’s an Alaska girl, …

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Primary School

[Image originally from En magisk purt til en anan värd]

The Swedish blogger from En magisk purt til en anan värd is my current obbsession, despite the fact that her whole blog is in Swedish.  Her photos are beautiful, and  …

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Outfit of the Week: Dreaming of a Tropical Va-cay

Autumn is in full swing here in Pittsburgh, so that means the weather usually consists of overcast mornings, grey afternoons, and rainy evenings. Although I’m initially smitten with fall weather, my admiration for changing leaves, crisp air, and mulled apple …

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Dot Your Skirt and Cross Your Tee's

[Originally from Daily Fashion Boost]

I first discoved the blog Daily Fashion Boost about a year ago.  Sam, a Dutch student and only 18, is a pretty amazing blogger with a great sense of style.   I love how she …

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Vintage Dior Addict

Who: Becca Boo, hair accessory collector in a sunny state of mind

What: Vintage Dior beaded belt, handmade floral dress

Where: Savers Thrift Store

How Much: $6-belt, $3-dress

When I use It: Any day I want to feel pretty and …

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Red Let Her Daze

[Originally from Idee Geniale]

This outfit, from one of my favorite style blogs Idee Geniale, is a totally fabulous fall look.  I love the pop of the bright red skirt in contrast to the neutral browns and blacks …

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Black Velvet, If You Please

(Image above: wardrobe photo from Orchid Grey)

I stumbled upon Orchid Grey this morning after clicking on a Wardrobe Remix image on Flickr of the stylish woman behind this blog in a grey outfit featuring leopard print tights. That …

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Outfit of the Week: In Your Face Mom!

I know this seems like a cruel comment to make toward my mother (whom I love very much, by the way). It’s something you’d expect those horrible teenage girls who are guests on The Jerry Springer Show to say during …

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Strike a Juxta-Pose!

(Image above: wardrobe photo from the blog, Living La Vida Rita)

I can’t begin to express how impressed I am that the stylish woman behind Living La Vida Rita was able to combine so many seemingly disparate elements into …

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A deal to 'Freak Out' about!

Who: Suzy Creemcheese

What: Original pressing of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Inventions “Freak Out” with “freak map” (not pictured)

Where: n/a

How Much: 49 cents

When I use It: Well it’s from 1966 and I believe it to …

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Style to Boot from Bumbershoot

(Image above: wardrobe photo from the Style is Style blog)

The stylish woman behind the blog  Style is Style wore this recently to the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival in Seattle, and I have to say that it’s a …

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