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Favorite Find, Dig That Wine Coat!

Who: Kirstin

What: Wine-colored coat (guessing early 70′s)

Where: Surprisingly, I found it at Plato’s Closet, 2843 E. Grand River Ave, East Lansing, Michigan. Plato’s Closet usually only sells secondhand clothing that is fashionable and only a few years old. …

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All She Wants to do is Skants, Skants!

Who: Hannah, ModCloth Editor & Fashion Writer/Aspiring Flamingo

What: The world’s coolest skants!

Where: Red, White, & Blue Thrift Store

How Much: $5

When I use it: These are my new favorite formal skants. I wore them last to a …

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Obsolete Fashion: All Good in the Snood?

A snood was a netted, tatted, knitted, or crocheted hairnet used to enclose hair at the back of the head, close to the nape. Though the term “snood” was used in the Middle Ages to refer to a wide variety …

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“Yarning” for Vintage

The DIY spirit is hardly a new trend. During the WWII era, when machine knitting was available, people were still enthusiastic about making sweaters, socks, even fascinators, by hand. I found this tattered but charming magazine, Gay Teen Ideas for

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Plaid about a Favorite Vintage Shirt!

Who: Melanie, of She’s in Love With the Captain

What: A multi-colored plaid shirt from the 1960s

Where: Bon Marche Thrift Shop, 45 E. Main St., Babylon, NY

How Much: $10!

When I use It: This is a fairly new …

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Top 10 Senior Portraits from the 1965 Hampton High School Yearbook

I’m not sure why, but when I saw this yearbook at a local thrift shop, it spoke to me. It said, “Hannah, buy me! Take me home. Read me! Oh, and then, if you don’t mind terribly, write a Top …

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Obsolete Fashion: Could You Stomach It?

Madame de Pompadour

Portrait of Madame de Pompadour: Illinois State University, Illustration: Swillvill’s 18th Century

A stomacher was a triangular or U- shaped piece of fabric worn by women from about 1570 to 1770. In addition to connecting the two sides of …

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Serving up Style!

Who: Sara from Seattle

What: Floral skirt made from an antique table cloth

Where: The Seattle Garden Show

How Much: $15

When I use It: When out collecting moss for a mini terrarium, and celebrating V-day with my love.


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Obsolete Fashion: OMG, Look at Her Bum Roll

Turns out, modern day clothing “enhancers” (such as the Booty Pop) are not all that new! Bum rolls were plump, crescent shaped pillows worn by middle and upper class ladies during the Elizabethan era. These 16th …

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A Case of the Favorite Finds!

Who: Kristin Hazelton

What: Either of these two items, as I am torn!  The first is the vintage hot pink dress that I have on, the second is the faux fur leopard small suitcase.

Where: Dress purchased at a thrift …

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Smiles Go With Favorite Finds!

Who: Diana, Style Blogger at Smiles Go With Everything, and Librarian

What: Colebrook Coat

Where: Garage sale in my neighborhood

How Much: around $10

When I use It: It doesn’t often get cold enough in Florida for this coat, …

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Modern Tradition

Who: Sammy, a lil’ self-proclaimed “fashion” blogger of Paperdoll Sammy

What: Vintage, over-sized lightly-padded lace blazer

Where: Online, from Vintage Pod

How Much: MYR20

When I use It: Whenever I need to glam up a ho-hum, monotonous outfit, or with …

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Obsolete Fashion: Patent Worthy Pattens?

Pattens were protective overshoes worn by men and women from the Middle Ages into the early 1900s. Built of raised wooden or metal soles and adjustable leather straps to hold the wearer’s shoes in place, pattens were designed to keep …

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Favorite Anne Fogarty Find!

Who: Natalie of The Bobby Pin

What: A fun floral dress by Pittsburgh-born designer Anne Fogarty

Where: Buffalo Exchange, San Diego

How Much: $16 for the dress and the jacket

When I use It: I wear them separately. The jacket, …

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