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Favorite Cognac Coat!

Who: Suze, a blogger and designer at a non profit in MI

What: Vintage coat

Where: Thrift shop in Michigan

How Much: $7 (!!)

When I use It: All the time in the winter! I just bought it not too …

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Obsolete Fashion: Age of the Cage?

[Image Above:]

In the 1830s, along with Queen Victoria’s ascension to the throne, bell shaped skirts became all the rage — both in England and across the Atlantic. By 1842, this increasingly voluminous silhouette required a lot of extra …

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Vintage Vows!

Who: Kate, Systems Analyst

What: 1970′s Susan Small formal gown

Where: eBay

How Much: $85, including shipping

When I use It: My wedding! And sometimes when playing dress-up (I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow that!). I’ve been dying to find …

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Obsolete Fashion: Hats Off?

[Images Above (clockwise from left):,,,]

Aigrettes (from the French word for egret) are long plumes plucked from the tufted head crests of egrets. Diamond-and-ruby-studded aigrettes were first used to adorn the turbans of Ottoman sultans, and …

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Laurence of Beacon's Closet

Who: Jenn, Fashion Writer

What: Green sequined Laurence Kazar dress

Where: Beacon’s Closet, Brooklyn, NY

How Much: $20

When I use It: Ideally, every hour of every day! So far, though, I’ve only been brave enough to wear it out …

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Say Cheese Mice!

Who: Julie, Fashion Writer

What: Napier Gold Plated Cheese Mice

Where: Antique Mall in Bellefonte, PA

How Much: $15

When I use It: To spice up a display of wine and cheese! This set of eight gold mice takes a …

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These Boots Were Made for Talkin' (Vintage, that is)

Who: Maggie Sheesley

What: Vintage Cowboy Boots

Where: Antique Mall in Arnes, Iowa

How Much: $12

When I use It: I just got them a couple days ago but I have already worn them twice. Once with skinny jeans and …

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Obsolete Fashion: The Cat’s Pajamas?

[Images Above: and]

Left to right: a Simplicity pattern circa 1940 and Greta Garbo in the 1930′s.

French author Marie-Henre Beyle, better known by Stendehal (his pen name), once wrote, “Nothing is so hideous as an obsolete fashion.”  …

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Who: Julie, Fashion Writer (given as a gift to fellow writer, Hannah)

What: Frog Earmuffs!

Where: Antique and Flea Market somewhere between Pittsburgh and Maryland, spotted off of the highway

How Much: $3.99

When I use It: (Hannah) In the …

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‘Play’ Around With Vintage!

Who: Stephanie,

What: Dress = Barney’s (purchased at Buffalo Exchange for $30)
Belt = Purchased at thrift store in Bellingham, WA $5
Necklace = Thrift store in Dallas, $1
Cuban Heel Hose = Buffalo Exchange, (new $7.50)

Where: Various …

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Wear Vintage in the World!

Who: Sarah… unless it’s October 31st, then you can call me Carmen Sandiego.

What: Floor-length red coat, just like Carmen’s!

Where: Goodwill, spotted while shopping for dorm furniture.

How Much: $5.50

When I use It: For Halloween every year, I …

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Vintage Valentino!

Who: Valencia Lia, of Roll Up Your Sleeve

What: Vintage over-sized Valentino blazer

Where: The Oppt Shop at Heeren (but has since closed down)

How Much: SGD $32

When I use It: Countless times! I’ve used it to jazz up …

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Everybody, 1, 2, Thrift!

Who: Jojo Osterman

What: White Capezio dance shoes

Where: Savers

How Much: $5

When I use It: Since these shoes are white they’re a great addition to any
outfit that has a touch of white in it. They can add …

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Pucci Meet Punky!

Who: Punky: Blogger and Mobile Vintage Shop Owner

What: A divine silver and leather belt from the one and only Emilio Pucci

Where: Savers Thrift Store In Massachusetts

How Much: $4.99

When I use It: For the first few …

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