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Teal of the Century!

Who: Mary, a fashion and food lover at

What: A teal, vintage-inspired secretary dress

Where: Goodwill. Dayton, Ohio

How Much: $4

When I use It: It’s brand new, so I’ve only worn it once so far! I wore it …

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Mo Favorite Find!

I’m going to be a little selfish this week, and post one of my favorite finds! With possibly too many to choose from, I’ve been thinking about sharing this special find for a long time! Plus, I want to encourage …

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Fashion Illustration Inspiration!

(image source:

  • Are you looking for creative inspiration? Check out the illustration section of to browse portfolios of some of the industry’s most intriguing and talented illustrators! If illustration isn’t your cup o’ tea, also featured

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Perfect Psychedelic Pants!

Who: Katie Y.

What: A pair of truly awesome vintage pants

Where: Local antique store

How Much: $29.99

When I use It: I purchased this in 7th grade for a Girl Scout convention, and have kept wearing them ever since! …

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Vintage Dior Addict

Who: Becca Boo, hair accessory collector in a sunny state of mind

What: Vintage Dior beaded belt, handmade floral dress

Where: Savers Thrift Store

How Much: $6-belt, $3-dress

When I use It: Any day I want to feel pretty and …

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A deal to 'Freak Out' about!

Who: Suzy Creemcheese

What: Original pressing of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Inventions “Freak Out” with “freak map” (not pictured)

Where: n/a

How Much: 49 cents

When I use It: Well it’s from 1966 and I believe it to …

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Outfit of the Week: In With the Old!

By ModCloth Writer: Jen Luebbers

There is something hopelessly romantic about the changing of the seasons: the cooler temperatures, the turning of leaves, the scent of woodsmoke in the air. As a brand-new Pittsburgher, I find exploring the city, meeting …

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You can count on Craigslist!

Who: Laura, a vintage-hunting novice

What: A lovely formal dress in a cool shade of blue with a delicate floral print, circa 1950s or 60s

Where: A garage sale in Grand Rapids, MI

How Much: $3

When I use It:

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Thrifting: Exposed!

Who: Catherine, also a blogger with the name of “Silhouette Girl”

What: A beautiful linen dress with an incredible tie-dyed bodice, and an exposed zipper

Where: The Punk Rock Flea Market held in Philadelphia semiannually

How Much: $25

When I

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Have you satisfied your color palate?

(color trend source:

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to food, fashion, and music, so why not colors? Influencing everything from one’s mood to the feng shui of an apartment, colors take the cake as one of …

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Schoolhouse Frock!

Who: Blair, of

What: A pretty creme colored blouse with black skirt (It’s a dress, actually)

Where: Salvation Army

How Much: $4.99

When I use It: This is my perfect school ensemble for the fall, but I can also …

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How to seek Owl-t a vintage skirt at the flea market!

Who: Jenna

What: Vintage Owl Skirt

Where: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, NYC

How Much: $15.00 (but originally priced at $30!)

When I use It: So far I’ve worn it out to dinner with my boyfriend and his parents and out …

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A Statement Necklace Affair

(Shop the above styles, from top to bottom: In Full Bloom Necklace, Psychedelia Necklace Set, Liberian Girl Jewelry Set)

Fall in love with one of the hottest trends of the season… If you can talk the talk …

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A Vintage Swimsuit: Sea-led the Deal!

Who: Jen

What: Vintage swimsuit; Circa 1960s

Where: Footloose in Granville, Ohio — the tag inside says “Honolulu, Hawaii” though!

How Much: $15.00

When I use It: When I don’t feel like wearing the conventional two- piece. This summer, I’ve …

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