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Wonder Woman: New Look Needed?

Wonder Woman ModLife

Wonder Woman, before and after. Images: New York Sun (left), Jezebel

For nearly 70 years, Wonder Woman rocked star-spangled bottoms, a red bustier, a tiara, and a mean lasso. When DC Comics recently made over the crime-fighting heroine to give …

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The Sketchbook Project

Always drawing in your notebooks? Join the club. Or, rather, join The Sketchbook Project, a traveling art exhibit that will showcase thousands of submitted sketchbooks in galleries and museums across the country, before cataloging them in the Brooklyn Art Library’s …

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Coffee You (Almost) Won’t Want to Drink

We used to think that nothing could ever get between us and our coffee, but the artsy baristas at Art In My Coffee are making us reconsider our “Best Coffee = In My Stomach Coffee” …

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Grain Edit: Your New Favorite Design Blog

If you’ve ever wanted to dive into ModCloth’s Apartment section and never come out, you will love retro design blog Grain Edit. (We certainly do!) The arty site splits its focus between classic design from the 1950s to ’70s …

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The Many Colors of Katie Sokoler

If you’ve been searching for a feel-good blog filled with colorful inspiration guaranteed to cause the occasional chuckle, then you’re in for a treat! Meet your new favorite blogger, Katie Sokoler of Color Me Katie.

As a young street …

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Art with a Heart

Imagine that you’re a long-term hospital patient. The nurses have trouble drawing your blood, and you have little to focus on besides discomfort, because the hospital walls are bare, drab, and cold. RxArt is out to change that.

RxArt is …

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Listen to Your Art

On Tuesday, we showed you our favorite fashion-meets-art ensembles, so today, we’re featuring its arty musical equivalent! For its latest music video, French-American band Hold Your Horses! cheekily recreated famous paintings, with hilarious results.

(If you’re having trouble identifying …

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The Museum of Modern Celebrity Tweets

Forget the Guggenheim, MoMA, and all those other museums of contemporary art. If you make only one museum visit this week, make it to the Museum of Modern Celebrity Tweets. Run by illustrator Odessa Begay, this Tumblr-based …

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Fashion Illustration Inspiration!

(image source:

  • Are you looking for creative inspiration? Check out the illustration section of to browse portfolios of some of the industry’s most intriguing and talented illustrators! If illustration isn’t your cup o’ tea, also featured

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Whatcha Gonna Do with All that Junk?

(Image above: Dirty White Trash by Tim Nobel and Sue Webster)

You know the saying: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And in some cases, it becomes another man’s art. For this edition of Green Scene, we dug up …

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Maps..They Don't Love You Like I Love You

  • Who doesn’t love free cool art? Originally found on Apartment Therapy, this awesome map pictured above, along with many other great maps, can be downloaded for free from the U.S. Geological Survey Store. Details on how to access

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Color Me Katie

[image above taken from]

I stumbled upon Katie Sokoler’s photography after watching this short documentary on her street art and immediately developed a huge crush (watch the video and you will too)!   Katie credits being forced to photograph 100 …

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We Can’t Stop Talking About…Paper!

[Image above: CARTONLANDIA by Ana Cerrano]

Cut, Folded, and Glued!

Don’t be fooled by the basic sheet of paper. It can be formed and molded into the most extraordinary, meticulous pieces of art. Paper cutting artists are some of …

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