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The School is in Session

I’ve always been a fan of school (art was my favorite subject!). But it wasn’t until recently that I became a fan of The School. If you haven’t added to your playlist the musical stylings of this six-piece indie …

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Vintage Sexism: Who Wears the Pants? Edition

Images: Found in Mom’s Basement (left), Found in Mom’s Basement

In previous Vintage Sexism posts, we’ve looked at some of the ways women are portrayed as objects of a “male gaze” in advertisements for everything from acne medication to deodorant

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Cinnamon-Sugar Baked Doughnuts

Now, we’re not one to play favorites, especially at work, but if we were — theoretically, of course — ModCloth Interaction Designer Netta would be at the top of our list for bringing homemade cinnamon-sugar doughnuts to the office last …

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Just ‘Like’ Facebook

When a compliment can’t do, when a hug doesn’t hold like it should, you need something more…  Something that transcends cyberspace and reality, something one could really take a liking to. Long-lasting and loving, the ‘Like’ sticker from The Like

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Remixes You Like!

What’s the best way to break up a mid-year slump? By sharing your most-liked remixes with one another! Last week, we asked our Facebook fans to share their favorite song remixes, and this week, we have a lovely playlist …

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Top 10 Books that Should Be Made Into Movies

Since George du Maurier’s novel Trilby was made into the 1896 short film Trilby and Little Billee, the boundary between books and film has become increasingly fluid. And although book-to-film adaptations are a point of contention for many, most …

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We Can’t Stop Talking About… Design for Mankind

Are you a creative type with an hour or two (or ten) to kill? Look no further than art and design blog Design for Mankind to feed your mind with enough artistic eye-candy and inspiration to last for months!

Offering …

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Wonder Woman: New Look Needed?

Wonder Woman ModLife

Wonder Woman, before and after. Images: New York Sun (left), Jezebel

For nearly 70 years, Wonder Woman rocked star-spangled bottoms, a red bustier, a tiara, and a mean lasso. When DC Comics recently made over the crime-fighting heroine to give …

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ModCloth’s Perfect Tea Party Guide!

tea party guide

Hoping to throw a tea party that really takes the cake? Our simple guide to hosting a stylish soiree is as easy as making traditional cucumber tea sandwiches (the straightforward recipe’s below!)…

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Vintage Sexism: Cheer Up! Edition

Image: Flickr user SA_Steve

Ever have one of those days when someone tells you to “cheer up,” or “smile,” when it’s the last thing you feel like doing? Or, worse, when people say, “Wow! You look exhausted!”?

After speaking with …

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Listen to Your Mumford & Sons

I wish someone would invent teleportation stat, because I’m aching to zip over to Europe for Mumford & Sons‘ just-announced fall tour. Since the chances of that happening are as probable as Genghis Khan inviting me to tea and …

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Who Do You Write Like?

Fancy yourself the next Hemingway? See if it’s true by dropping an excerpt of your writing into I Write Like, a website that analyzes your writing and generates your famous literary match. If your results say you’re channeling Dan …

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Join the Discussion on GoodReads!

Summertime, and the reading should be easy! Still haven’t found a worthy page turner to keep you from dozing on the beach? Check out what people are recommending on GoodReads, our favorite social networking site for readers! Interact with …

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Wickedly Delicious Carrot Cake

My first memory is about carrot cake. I was three, tottering around a family friend’s wedding in my smocked white dress and little shoes. Though I only recall a thimbleful of what happened that day, I specifically remember someone …

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