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C’mon Get Cozy: Cold Weather Style Staples Sure to Keep You Toasty

While some may sigh at the change of seasons, there’s one aspect of late-autumn we think everyone can get excited about: cozy, comfy layers! Check out a few of our top picks…

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Kingsford the Piglet

He’s so tiny and cute! My favorite part is when he runs along the beach. What’s your favorite clip in the video? Would you ever get a pet pig?…

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So Unisex-y, We Can’t Hardly ‘Kick-stand’ It!

A Good Jacket is Hard to Find, indeed, let alone one that can work for both sexes! Well, we got lucky with this faded black wash, stretch-denim jacket. Its classic biker-style cut suits men and women alike, making this …

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Top 10 Commonly Misheard Lyrics

Mishead Lyrics - Girl with Headphones

Photo: Flickr user carolyn.will

It’s happened to us all. We’re cruising in the car with our best bud, belting out the lyrics to a song, when all of a sudden, our pal bursts into firecrackers of laughter. “What’s so funny?” …

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If You’re Gonna Be Lazy, You’ve Gotta Be Cute

Some days, I feel exactly like this cat. Thanks to Alexandra, our Photo & Styling Intern, for sharing this!

Do you have a favorite cute find? E-mail it to, and it could be featured on an upcoming week!…

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Top 10 19th-Century Men’s Accessories

With menswear-inspired womenswear making another comeback, we thought we’d take a peek at historic men’s accessories. Some have been adopted by women, others remain intact, and still more have dissipated into the fog of …

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The Buyers Go to Renegade Craft Fair!

Trade shows aren’t the only place where our buyers look for new ModCloth products! Last week, our jet-setting buyers attended the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn to scout for new vendors and see what’s new in the world of DIY …

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We’re Bonnaroo Bound!

For the next four days, I’ll be one happy camper — literally! Sweltering Tennessee heat, a high chance of isolated thunderstorms, and levels of humidity high enough to make your toes sweat won’t stop me from having an amazing, action-packed …

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Unisex-y in San Francisco

If you’re headed to today’s Name It and Win It featured city, it helps to keep a tidy list of sights you want to see. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Golden Gate Park, San Francisco’s 49 square miles …

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The Cutest Vacation Ever

Today’s Name It And Win It: Roadtrip Edition site may be Nashville, but I’m dreaming about packing my bags and heading to Costa Rica to visit the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary. There, you can take a tour of the …

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Top Ten 10 Shows Set in NYC

Since today’s Name It and Win It: Roadtrip Edition features New York City, we’re ‘boroughed’ in thoughts of this smashing city! We knew we’d never sleep until we talked a bit more about the Big Apple, so for this week’s …

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ModCloth’s Guide for the Blushing Bride

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and love is in the air. I’m talking about wedding season, of course! Welcome to ModCloth’s brides survival guide to stepping out in style, whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid, or even …

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Top Ten Artworks Made from Food

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Photo: Hop Studios

10. Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Untitled (Portrait of Ross). An interesting metaphor for the struggle Gonzalez-Torres’ partner had with AIDS, this piece involved visitors by asking them to take a piece of the candy that created the exhibit.

Jean Paul Gaultier


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A Sunny Guide to Finding Your Perfect Frames

When the public pools begin to open, it’s a sure sign that summer is in full effect. Brightly shining sun means plenty of open toes, bare shoulders, and the opportunity to show off your favorite warm weather accessory — a …

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