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A Sunny Guide to Finding Your Perfect Frames

When the public pools begin to open, it’s a sure sign that summer is in full effect. Brightly shining sun means plenty of open toes, bare shoulders, and the opportunity to show off your favorite warm weather accessory — a …

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CFF: Cute Friends Forever

Thanks to Marne, one of our Image Specialists, for sharing this cute cute find!

Do you have a favorite cute find? E-mail it to, and it could be featured on an upcoming week!…

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Move Over Movember, It’s Maystache!

If you were reading our blog back in November, then you’re probably aware that said month is a time to celebrate men’s tufted upper lips (and for a good cause, too). But if you’ve been ‘stubbling’ around ModCloth recently, …

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Top 10 Popular Expressions Terms of the Past

Eat My Shorts Logo

Photo: Flickr user Festivals Gallery

If you’re a real hepcat, you know all the latest lingo. But what if you were to time machine-it back to another point in history? How would you be able to say things with savvy? …

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Tales From the Decor Road

Our Apartment-buying duo, Emily and Marne, are giving you a sneak peek of upcoming decor goods with this, the first-ever Decor Edition of Tales from the Road! They’ve sent along pictures and news from their trip to the International …

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Kittens on a Slide

These roly-poly, adventurous kittens melted my heart this week.
Thanks to Turi, our PR Specialist, and her boyfriend, Kevin, for sharing this video!…

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Top 10 Songs from When We Were Wee

Kids Favorite Songs

Photo: Flickr user woodleywonderworks

Remember when you were little, and you used to learn all these silly, sweet songs? Well, whatever happened to Old McDonald? Where have the wheels on the bus rolled to these days? Are you still a …

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A Study In Adorable Animals

Meet Lily and her cub, Hope. Many people have been able to see them this closely in person, thanks to Dr. Lynn Rogers’ Black Bear Field Study course in Minnesota. It sounds amazing!…

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Yacht’a Get This Unisex-y Scarf!

Whether you’re a woman or a man, if you live near a large body of water, chances are you love yachting. And, naturally, you like to dress for the occasion. As a seasoned sailor, though, you know how challenging it …

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Top 10 Foreign Films

If you’re looking to freshen up your film repertoire, set your sights overseas. There’s a whole world of film outside of America’s borders that is often overlooked. Don’t know where to begin? Start off your fearless screenplay exploration with a …

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A Mythical Cute Find

Cat Unicorn

Photo: Etsy seller xmoonbloom

Crocheted unicorn caps for cats and dogs? They seem so magical, but they’re real!…

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Stuff We Miss: Skip-It


My friend, Lindsay, did it ’cause she thought it was radically fun. My grandma tried it in hopes that it would keep her heart pumping longer. I’ll be honest; I only did it ’cause it …

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Stuff We Miss: Women Who Rocked Out

The most visible women of music right now are, in my opinion, pretty rad. Beyoncé’s sass and class is inspiring. Ke$ha’s sense of humor is refreshing. Lady Gaga’s edgy lyrics and synthetic metal costumes are genius. However, I yearn for …

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Top 10 Radical Women in History

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earheart. Photo: Smithsonian Institution

It’s not easy to defy norms now, so imagine how difficult it would have been in the staid societies of the past! Despite rigid rules and exigent expectations, more than a few marvelous maidens …

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