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Meet Nicole

Say hello to Nicole, ModStylist and artist!

Name: Nicole
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite trend of moment: Neons! I love color.
Most cringe-worthy outfit: Eighth grade, first day of school. I picked out this outfit of clogs, pleated pants, and a …

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Meet Adil

Meet Adil, a former pro video gamer and ModCloth’s Head of Experience!

Name: Adil
Hometown: Darien, IL
Last book read: Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart by Gerd Gigerenzer
Worst fashion faux pas: Cargo pants
Personal style, in one

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Meet Marcos

Meet Marcos, our multi-talented Software Architect and Operations Research Analyst!

Name: Marcos
Hometown: Madrid, Spain and Manila, Philippines
Favorite food: Fresh coconuts
Earliest memory: Racing around on my plastic tricycle on the rooftop of my grandmother’s home in …

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Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren, first time homeowner and ModCloth’s Product Launch Coordinator.

Name: Lauren
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Alma mater: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Desert island necessities: “My cell phone, my husband — no, wait — my dog, and some lemonade, …

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Behind the Scenes at the “Scenic Route” Stylebook

T.S. Eliot once said that it’s the journey, not the arrival, that matters. It is with this sense of wanderlust that many of us hop in our automobiles and roam the country without a care for where we end up. …

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Meet Andy

Andy Cosnotti

Meet Andy, ModCloth’s Senior Facilities and Maintenance Specialist and ModLife Photographer!

Name: Andy
Hometown: Altoona, PA
As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be: An art teacher
Siblings: “I come from a big family — I have …

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Meet Emily

Meet the adventurous Emily, seasoned traveler and ModCloth’s Assistant to Marketing!

Name: Emily
Hometown: Bethel Park, PA
Pets: Two rescue dogs, Mia and Roxy
Worst fashion faux pas: Wearing multiple colors of eyeliner at once
I love: Any …

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Top 10 Things We Wanted to Be When We Grew Up

When you’re young, you dream big. I wanted to own a candy shop and be “someone who owns horses.” My younger sister wanted to be a mermaid. Since nothing is more endearing than little tyke tidbits, this week, we’re bringing …

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Soles4Souls: Gently Worn Shoes for an Amazing Cause


Photos: Soles4Souls

On January 12, when the shocking news of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake broke, I immediately searched for ways to help the recovery efforts and victims. Luckily, ModCloth was on the same exact page.

In addition to two highly successful …

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Take a Behind the Scenes Walking Tour!

I was lucky enough to see the shoot for ModCloth’s latest stylebook, “Walking Tour,” firsthand in Pittsburgh’s North Side, and I’m excited to share some sneak peeks!

Shot partly in the historic Mexican War Streets and at the Caribbean-inspired …

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Meet Alexa

In addition to Winston and his crew of adorable dogs, the ModCloth Office and Distribution Center is full of awesome employees who deserve the limelight! Today, we bring you our first employee feature. Meet Alexa, our musical Customer Care …

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The Making of “Visceral Style”

Wondering how our new, illustrated stylebook was made? We swung by ModCloth graphic designer and stylebook illustrator Natalie’s desk to find out!…

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Giving Winston A Trot for His Money

I’m so proud to introduce my dog, Apollo, and Advertising Creative Specialist Zach’s dog, Missy! Behind each pair of dreamy eyes lies friendly fidos worth knowing, so here’s a few facts about the newest ModDogs!

Two-year old Apollo …

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Behind the Scenes: Long Distance Love Stylebook

As Valentine’s Day looms just over the horizon, our vintage-lovin’ hearts feel that the best way to celebrate is with a very special one of a kind collection! Adding intrigue to iconic style, the new one of a kind …

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