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Perfect Pairing Winners!

We were so excited by the amount of entries in the ModCloth Cooks Perfect Pairing Contest! Thank you to all who submitted an outfit/recipe pair. They were all so unique, creative, and delicious. Adorable outfits matched with amazing recipes …

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ModCloth Wants to Know Your Perfect Pairings!

Cook, Style, and Win by pairing the perfect ModCloth outfit with your favorite recipe!

Contest Rules

*Create an outfit using ModCloth items
*Pair that outfit with a matching recipe that completes the look
*Leave your outfit idea and …

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‘Just for Kicks’ Contest Winners

 Last week we combined two of our favorite things, shoes and a Name It and Win Contest, to create the super-fun  ‘Just for Kicks’ Contest. Thank you to everyone who suggested a name. We wished we could pick about …

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ModCloth and Glogster: Design Your Dream Prom Contest

What in the world are glogs? Well, you may not have heard of them, but it turns out they’re pretty cool. Glogs are like virtual posters to which you can add songs, videos, or pictures! And because Prom is just …

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I Spy 3rd Thursdays on Twitter

I spy with my little eye… something fabulous!

At 1 p.m. PST on every third Thursday of the month, we will tweet a fuzzy, abstract or distorted photo of one of our products. The first, fifth, and tenth people …

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ModCloth’s Perfect Prom Contest Winner

perfect prom contest

Congratulations to Alexa Carrasco, the winner of our Perfect Prom Contest! Alexa styled her prom dress with the Pinochle Bracelet, the Debutant Ball Gloves, Legend of the Hidden Earrings, Ariel Combs and finished off the look with …

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ModCloth Wants To Give You The Perfect Prom!

You can win this one-of-a-kind prom dress and ModCloth accessories by telling us about your dream prom!

mod diy

Contest Rules:

Leave a comment on this post telling us:

*Your dream prom date
*What the prom theme will be
*What song you’ll

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Cute Finds Contest: Adoption Edition Winner

[Mattie, the winner of our Cute Find Contest, practicing her 'sit' command on right, and dressed for Christmas at the bottom. "Yes, she really does like to be dressed," Sarah told us]

Thanks to everyone who shared their adoption tales …

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ModCloth Has Two New BFFS!

We are proud to announce that ModCloth’s new BFFs are Christine Johnson and katie (of Franklin, Tennessee) . Congratulations to our two winners, who have each received $50 gift certificates.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We loved watching our MySpace …

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Short and Tweet Winner!

We realize this was a pretty hard contest, but we were so impressed with the clever stories that came flooding in. They were often funny, sometimes sad, and always unique; who needs novels when you have tweets like this? (Of …

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Cute Finds Contest: The Adoption Edition

[Marne DJs at Remedy]

 Written by Crystal and Maggie

This Friday, our beloved image specialist, Marne, DJed at Remedy for the “It’s ALL the Rage: Animal Friends’ Benefit.” The music was fabulous, the raffle was amazing (I won a …

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ModCloth Needs a New BFF: MySpace Spring Flowers Edition

We’re giving away $50 Gift Certificates to two of our lucky MySpace friends to use on a rainy day! All you have to do is:

  1. Friend us on MySpace.
  2. Post your favorite floral or flower-inspired ModCloth product on our profile

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Short and Tweet Contest

Short stories have been a popular genre for thousands of years, perfected by the likes of Aesop, Chekhov, Hemingway, and Carver.  Sure, these guys did it best, but we’ve all become masters of conversational brevity with the rising popularity of …

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Style Inspirations: ModCloth Has Two New BFFS!

BFF Style Exchange Edition Winners!

Congratulations to strawberrykoi and semolina, the winners of the ModCloth Needs a New BFF: Style Exchange Edition Contest! Each will receive a $50.00 Gift Certificate!

There is so much to like about both of our …

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