Eleanor Seabird’s Music Takes Flight

Eleanor SeabirdWe’re not sure what we fell in love with first — Eleanor Seabird’s seriously sweet, playful style (complete with the perfect pair of black-rimmed glasses only a true style maven could pull off), or the petite songstress’ catchy tunes, infused …

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We’re on Tumblr!

ModCloth's new style blogger Tumblr

We love seeing how daily outfit bloggers style ModCloth clothes and accessories, which is why we put together our new Tumblr highlighting bloggers’ ensembles. Check out ModCloth.tumblr.com for new ideas on how to incorporate your favorite ModCloth pieces into …

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Petal Perfect Vintage

Who: Kelly of Kelly Shoe Strings

What: Vintage Flower Crown Hat (reminds me of the Petal Perfect Hat on ModCloth!)

Yoshi Now!, a vintage store in Fresno, CA

How Much:
$5 — birthday discount!

When I Use It:
You …

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Give a Big Cheer for the Last Hurrah Sale!

Give us an S—S! Give us an A—A! Give us an L—L! Give us an E—E! What’s that spell? SALE!

That’s right, Ladies and gentlemen, you heard the Mod Spirit Club—it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! So, get …

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Say Hello to Our New Blog!

Hey, readers!

As you can see, the ModCloth Blog has a brand new look! When we started planning this redesign over the summer, we knew we wanted to make the blog easier for you to navigate, share, and interact with …

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Touring the ATL with Liebemarlene Vintage

Our adventure begins in the Deep South, where we meet up with Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage for her carefully curated tour of Atlanta, Georgia. With the help of her photographer boyfriend Drew, Rhiannon shows us what she loves about the ATL, with a special focus on “the nerdy things I like best — museums, plantations, and graveyards!”

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Best Job Ever: Kari Byron, Mythbuster

Kari Byron kicks butt. From shooting machine guns to rolling giant balls of Legos down the street, she keeps us entertained and educated each week on Mythbusters, Discovery Channel’s show that puts common — and not so common — …

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Calling All Chic Chefs!

Can you make a mean PB & J? Are you a wonder at whipping up bruschetta? Do you put your own sassy spin on the classic “ants on a log?” Well, we want the scoop on your sweetest, savoriest recipes!

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Some Enchanted Jewelry: An Interview with Chain Chain Chained

I don’t mean to brag, but Regina Pruss of jewelry line Chain Chain Chained once told me that I am her “number one customer.” It’s a title I wear with pride every day, and literally, as you can often find …

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Lavender Walnut Sandies

If baked Amaretti-Filled Caramel Roasted Pears weren’t enough to satiate your sweet tooth, then prepare to fall into a full ‘bloomed’ romance with this second flour, and flower-filled favorite from the same selection of harvest-season sweets fresh from Farmers’ Market

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