Seen Style: New York City

From ModCloth Writing Team Intern, Amy Cockcroft:

Picture this: a boiling hot day in August wandering around Washington Square Park, enjoying the beauty of the city of New York and feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle that is like …

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Baked Brie and Blueberries

Okay, I’ll admit it. I love it when I bring something to a party, and everyone raves about it all night. That’s why I adore this super simple, ultra delicious Baked Brie and Blueberries appetizer! The presentation is sure to …

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Blogger of the Moment: Keiko Lynn

Take one part vintage, and one part modern, and what do you get? Keiko Lynn, our Blogger of the Moment! She effortlessly transforms vintage pieces into new creations that have the same romantic feel as their …

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Style Inspiration: Become a Nautical Ballerina

Style Inspiration

(Image Above:

Ah, I love the way this girl has combined textures and prints and how it all works in such a lovely feminine and whimsical way. She looks like she’s equally ready to dance across a stage …

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Top Ten Random Facts That You Didn't Really Need to Know

(Image Above: Secret Shadows Blog)

Did you know that one in ten people listens to Barry Manilow each night before bed? Actually, that’s not true. There are, however, plenty of other useless facts to fill up your head. Since …

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Romper Do or Romper Don't?

romper playsuit jumpsuit jumper onesie what i wore jessica schroeder dainty june modcloth designer vintage emo retro indie mod(images taken from &

We say do! Rev up your wardrobe with a romper, one piece that has experienced a major reinvention in modern day fashion! This trend is worn by signature style icons like Jenny

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Style Inspiration: Floating on a Cloud

style inspiration(Image Above:

I was browsing Chictopia and found this beautiful photo of this girl wearing our very own Easy Rider Vest! She’s styled it in such an unexpected way – with a long skirt, Converse and a …

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Injured Cuteness

Yes, that is a cast on her tail!!! According to, this pup broke her tail in a door. But don’t worry, it’s healed and she can wag it again!

If you think this is cute, check out their …

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A Record Deal!

Who: Miss Lana

What: Buckingham Nicks LP

Where: Book & Music Exchange (Louisville, KY)

How Much: $8

When I use It: As with all Mac albums, I love to listen to this Buckingham Nicks album when I’m in a romantic …

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Candy Girl

[Photo originally from  Hoy Fashion]

One of the many reasons I love the UK is that these women can really dress!  This photo is from the British street style blog Hoy Fashion and this British bombshell really knows how …

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