Vintage Purse Obsession…

vintage shopping[Image above: purses and clutches]

This past weekend I took a trip to Off The Avenue Antiques and Collectibles in Coraopolis, PA. They have lots of vintage shoes, purses, dresses and coats. Needless to say, I found it hard to …

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Tips for a Greener Pet

[Images above: right from; left from]

After I got my amazing mini wiener dog, Keith Richards, I realized that being green with a pet can be quite difficult. Our first week together saw the depletion of my …

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'Send Us A Valentine' Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to the ‘Send us a Valentine’ Contest; we feel so loved! Congratulations to our winners, Andrea and Jordan! Their valentines will soon be available to send from our Valentines Scrapbook and the girls …

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I am Not a Look-alike!

[Image above: From Francois Bunelle's "I AM NOT A LOOK-ALIKE!" collection courtesy of]

Photographer Francois Brunelle from Canada has an ongoing project titled “I AM NOT A LOOK-ALIKE,” where he photographs people from across North America …

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Top Ten Superbowl Snacks: A Very Special Weekend Edition

[Image above: (clockwise from left) 1. Wings 2. Beer 3. Chili 4. Pierogies 5. Cheese Fries]

The Superbowl is almost here, and we are SUPER excited. If you haven’t already figured it out, many of us at ModCloth are die-hard …

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Pittsburgh's Going to the Superbowl

[Images above: Raymond James Stadium from, Logo from]

Here at ModCloth, we’ve caught a nasty case of Super Bowl fever. Maybe it’s because we all love our little city so much, or maybe it’s because Black and Gold …

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Korean Flu Song

This week’s cute find is a Korean cold and flu song. Stay healthy everyone!
P.S. Can anyone translate this?…

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Take Better Outfit Photos

[Originally posted by Jenna O. at]

We are all excited to start sharing our outfit photos on the ModCloth Style Exchange.

Keep reading for tips to keep your photos looking sharp.

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Roses are Red

[Image above: Reno the Rocket from our ModCloth Style Exchange]

Our style inspiration today was selected from our new ModCloth Style Exhange Flickr group! Every Friday, we’ll select a new Fashionista photo to be highlighted as our Style Inspiration. …

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Outfit of the Week: J'aime le Rouge et le Bleu

I’ve always had a love affair with red and blue, and this outfit is my newest romance! Staring the True Love’s Kiss Dress, this outfit is supported by stylish pieces like the Pretty Poppy Knit Hat and A Touch

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