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Page Turners: Belle Eté

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of us swooning. After her pastel-coated spring editorial, Portland blogger Anja Verdugo is back with a charmingly rustic summer spread entitled “Belle Eté” (Beautiful Summer). The editorial was shot in a historic …

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Page Turners: At the Zoo with Atomica Mag

It may be the middle of summer, but this incredible editorial from Atomica Magazine No. 4 has me dreaming of fall. When back-to-school time rolls around, you can bet I’ll be seeking inspiration from this field trip-themed spread, with its …

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Page Turners: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Fashions come and go, sparkle and fade, and so do hairstyles the above ‘do is no exception. After recently cycling through magazine tears from my college days, I happened upon this picture-perfect example of pastel-layered locks from the September …

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On the Fly: Fresh Fashion From 1980′s Rolling Stone Covers

Lingo isn’t the only thing from the 1980s that’s worth repeating. These summer issues of Rolling Stone serve as trend lessons for what worked way back… well, not so long ago. Check out what fashionable features we dug, and see …

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Page Turners: Out-of-the-Box Office Wear Inspiration

“Hannah, when are you going to get work clothes?” my mom used to ask me when I spent a summer interning in Boston. And yeah, my closet full of crazy prints, bright colors, and self-reconstructed thrift store items didn’t really …

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Page Turners: La Danse

Seeing as this category is called Page Turners, we have to preface this post by saying yes, we know, this online editorial doesn’t actually have any pages! But, it was too pretty not to share. We’re feeling way inspired …

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Page Turners: Dress for Prom like a Pro

Image via Flickr user Millie Motts.

Back in the days of yore, when I was a prom-bound, high school senior in need of a dress, I scoured the labyrinth of the internet, hoping to find a dress that was …

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Page Turners: A Charming Summer Editorial

All images via Flickr user Millie Motts.

Ah, April — the month when the suns finally rolls out of bed, and one can practically taste the summer on their lips. Soon, we’ll all be gallivanting around in short sleeves …

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Page Turners: What a Long, Stylish Trip It's Been

Images via Vintagefashionmagazines.blogspot.com

If I’ve figured this out right, my dad and sister probably just left the Grand Canyon. They were on a weeklong road trip around the Southwest, a part of the country in which I’ve spent little time. …

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Page Turners: Found in Translation

Images via Fashion. grunge. style.

Maybe it’s because Paris Fashion Week remains fresh in my mind, or perhaps I’ve been watching too many Godard films, but for whatever reason, I can’t stop thinking about quintessential Parisian style. On days when …

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Page Turners: "Isn't It Romantic?"

Image via The Fashion Spot.

With her untamed, fiery hair and wine-colored lips, model Shalom Harlow exemplifies bohomian beauty in this 1993 Vogue editorial, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth and styled by Grace Coddington. Of course, the oodles of …

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’50s Days of Summer

Some say summer is loveliest on the West Coast, while others maintain that this season is best enjoyed in the East, or the South, or Midwest. We’d argue that summer is the most breathtaking when …

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“Yarning” for Vintage

The DIY spirit is hardly a new trend. During the WWII era, when machine knitting was available, people were still enthusiastic about making sweaters, socks, even fascinators, by hand. I found this tattered but charming magazine, Gay Teen Ideas for

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This American Life

John Updike probably didn’t read that many fashion magazines. I can’t really picture him as a Glamour sort of guy, you know? But I think he would have liked — even loved? — this editorial from the March …

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