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Personalize Your Pad with DIY Toile!

It’s always fun to brighten up your decor, especially as colder weather drives you indoors. One simple way to spice up your space is by  incorporating toile de Jouy (toile, for short) into a room. Traditional toile fabric features romantic, …

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Vintage Varsity: DIY Letterman Cardigan Appliqué

When I was in college, I received an assignment that required digging through the school archives. I found photos of past students wearing plaid skirts, fitted chenille shirts, saddle shoes, and oversized varsity cardigans — how much more collegiate cute …

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Pedal Pretty DIYs: A Tisket, a Basket Liner

Savvy cyclists know that bike baskets have one major design flaw: things can easily jailbreak through a basket’s interstices. So, marketing writer and blog contributor Angela came up with a solution! “To keep little things from slipping through my metal …

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Pedal Pretty DIYs: How to Make Wristlets and Waist Wraps

After one year of bike commuting, I’ve learned to live with cold wind needling my skin when my tee malevolently scurries up my back, and getting heated up on those rare, warm San Francisco days. But Mini, Design Team Manager, …

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Pedal Pretty DIYs: How to Decoupage Your Helmet

The last time I walked into a bike store to get a new helmet, my pretty-thing-loving heart floundered amidst the sea of boring plastic shells. It was no excuse to forgo helmetting-up that head of mine, though, so I purchased …

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Our New Favorite Accessory Is A Fun DIY!

If you know how to braid and have a few bucks to spend at the hardware store, this Hex Nut Bracelet DIY, originally found on Honestly…WTF, is definitely worth checking out. With a couple of materials and a …

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Wear Your Heart on Your Knees

For me, Valentine’s Day always brings me back to my grade school days, when we would sit at our desks, making valentines with construction paper and glitter. In the spirit of those days, I decided to do a little DIY

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Friendship Bracelet DIY

Looking for a meaningful way to express your love for your BFF?  Or just looking to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet to sport with your fashionable outfits? We recreated one of our favorite grade school past-times to offer you a little …

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Racquet Baller Goggles

Recently, I chose to play racquetball goggle-free, because I didn’t want to wear the dorky wraparound goggles. I quickly learned my lesson when I oh-so-skillfully returned the ball with none other than — you guessed it — my eye. After …

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D-I-Dye: Renewing A Leather Handbag

blue dye

Photo: Wren

Portland native and fashion blogger Little Ocean Annie is more than super cool and stylish. The trendsetting fashionista also has an affinity for fun DIY projects that appeal to crafty types with a serious thrifting habit. I stumbled …

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Sew ‘Burda’ Stylish

For those of you craving an online DIY forum, Burda Style may be just the site to stir your creativity! The online sewing community is a hub for sewing enthusiasts to chat on message boards, read sewing tips, post sewing …

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Ruffle Your Frocks Without Ruffling Your Feathers

There’s no easier way to imbue an outfit with DIY darlingness than to add some ruffles. “Wait a minute,” you counter, “Making Ruffles? Easy? I don’t think so.” No, it’s true! Here’s a little DIY project to prove it!…

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Sewing 101: How to Turn Bootcut Jeans Into Skinny Jeans

In the second installment of Sewing 101, Emily shows us how to turn regular old bootcut jeans into fabulous skinnies! You won’t believe how easy it is…

Have another idea for a video? Let us know by leaving a …

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Sewing 101: How to Hem Jeans

Attention DIY junkies, petite girls and fans of well-fitting pants! You may remember our Scarves 101 video series, in which Lindsay showed us the many mod ways to tie a scarf. This week, Emily utilizes her incredible seamstress skills …

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