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Style Glossary: They’re Different – Velvet, Velveteen, and Velour

As summer slowly draws to a nostalgic close, we can’t …

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Obsolete Fashion: Would You Hop on the Chatelaine Train?

Obsolete Fashion, chatelaine, equipage, 18th century, 19th century woman

Photos: Corvus Noir (left) and Crewel Jewels

A chatelaine, also called an “equipage,” was a decorative clip of long chains used to hold important household items. Functioning like pockets or purses, chatelaines were worn by women of the 18th …

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Style Glossary: They’ve Gone Plaid!

Greetings, Modsters! Excuse the Spaceballs reference, but I’m excited! With grunge and retro-inspired fall looks showing up the pages of our favorite glossies, as well …

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Style Glossary: Throw Me a Bone, Here

Once upon a time, the strapless dress was flimsy, structureless, and apt to fall down. Then, along came something called boning, …

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Style Glossary: Millinery

From boaters to facinators, from cloches to birdcages — millinery is the focus of this installment of Style Glossary!

Millinery is design, crafting, and sale of (you guessed it) hats! I felt this word was particularly …

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Style Glossary: The Wayfarer

Considered a fashion icon from the moment they were launched in 1952, the Wayfarer has been adding a touch of instant intrigue to outfits ever since.

Characterized by a distinctive trapezoidal frame, sturdy arms, and a faintly masculine look, Wayfarers …

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Style Glossary: I Get a 'Kick Pleat' Out of You

[Image Above: Miss Darling Dress]

Did you know that, circa 1910, women went wild for a skirt so narrow at the hem that they could barely walk in it? This garment, Paul Poiret’s aptly termed “hobble skirt,” …

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Style Glossary: One Sweet Neckline

[Images Above: The Georgia Dress, Frock of Love Dress in Lacey, What a Mighty Good Dress]

For many, Valentine’s Day means getting gussied up and going out to a romantic dinner with your special one, closest pal, …

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Style Glossary: Accordion-pleated Skirts

This week’s fashion dictionary deals with a vintage lover’s staple – accordion-pleated skirts!

Sometimes called a sunburst-pleated skirt, accordion pleated skirts are made from a full circle of fabric, featuring pressed-in pleats that are wide at the bottom and taper …

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Style Glossary: Monk Shoes

Greetings ModLovers! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season (and wardrobe) while we count down to the end of the year.

This week’s Style Glossary post features a term I hadn’t heard of until this week – the monk shoe. …

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Style Glossary: Double Your Fun!

Greetings fashion lovers! This week’s Style Glossary post is twice as special, because we’re going to discuss both tiered skirts and scalloping (and my favorite skirt on the site!).

A tiered skirt (or dress) is classically a straight-cut skirt, with …

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Style Glossary: Brogue-back Mountian

Our On a Wing and a Pair Shoe in Brogue is a great example of this full-of-character, flat shoe.

This week’s Style Glossary post is all about brogues! A type of oxford, brogues are a heavy walking shoe (originally worn …

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Style Glossary: Set-in Stone

We here at the ModOffices can’t seem to get enough of the Pin-up Dress. It’s classically chic, easy-to-wear, and its flattering cut earns it a rightful spot in the front of our closets. It’s also a perfect example of …

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Style Glossary: Wear Between 8 and 5

Hello ModLovers! Get out the mittens and gather around the campfire – it’s time for this week’s Style Glossary post! This week, I’m discussing a warm and cozy term that will be close to my heart (and neck, and head, …

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