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Style Glossary: The Batik and the Beautiful

This week, we’ll discuss batik! Considered a national art in Indonesia, batik is a wax-resist dying method that involves spreading wax on a fabric and then dip dying it. The results are beautiful – unique, one-of-a-kind patterns are created …

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Style Glossary: I Seersucker Said the Blind Man

This week’s Style Glossary post will tackle seersucker fabric! Personally, before starting at ModCloth, I thought seersucker was some sort of clasp. As part of my fashion enlightenment, I discovered that seersucker is in fact a type of fabric (that …

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Style Glossary: The Rise of an Empire

Hello Modlovers! After a two week hiatus to scour the racks of trade shows, I have returned with the next chapter in our series Style Glossary. In the last post, we discussed the paper bag waist. This week, …

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Style Glossary: The Paper Bag Waist

paper bag waist

Welcome to our very first Style Glossary post! In this series, we’re going to give insight into the more obscure cuts and styles of some our new (and fabulous) items! This week we’re going to start with the paper bag

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Style Glossary: The True Meaning of Mod

Happy Mod Monday, everyone!

As you can imagine, one of the most frequently asked questions here at ModCloth is “What exactly is mod?” And although we can’t possibly fit the term into a neat little box, we’ve compiled some information …

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