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Style Icon: Zelda Fitzgerald (Plus, Zelda Paper Dolls and a Giveaway!)

Dubbed the “first American flapper” by her husband Scott, Zelda Fitzgerald was the epitome of 1920s style. Learn more about this style icon – and how you could win a special edition lithograph inspired by her.

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Style Icon: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo by Nickloas Muray
Frida on White Bench, New York (1939) by Nickolas Muray via ArtBlart.

When first introduced to Frida Kahlo, I can’t say what I fell for first — her vibrant paintings or her equally vibrant style. Full of color …

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Style Icon: 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon

Image via IMDB.

As someone who leads a team of writers and enjoys more than her fair share of night cheese, I can’t help but relate to 30 Rock‘s Liz Lemon once in a while. Anyone who’s …

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Style Icon: Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Fashion!

She’s creepy and she’s kooky, for sure! But one thing the famed theme song left out was Wednesday Addams’ seriously scary knack for style! From her impeccably braided coiffure and moon-shaped, ghastly pale face to her grimly hued garb, she …

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Style Icon: The Peanuts Gang

Image from Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!!) by Charles M. Schulz.

We’re absolutely nuts about Peanuts! Charles Schulz’s lovable band of illustrated misfits has been warming hearts since the 1950s, and, with a slew of comic …

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Style Icon: Getting Schooled in Fashion

Skyscrapers, hot dog carts, infrared commotion — I remember none of this from my childhood trip to New York City. But the Magic School Bus I got to sit in at six years old? Now that, I remember, because Ms. …

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Style Icon: Esther Williams, ‘The Million Dollar Mermaid’

It’s no secret that we love swim icon Esther William’s ravishingly retro swimsuit line, but we’re also inspired by her supremely successful life. Besides donning a swim cap as a pro athlete, this all-around icon was also a movie star, singer, dancer, businesswoman, and swimwear designer. Dive in to read more about how ‘The Million Dollar Mermaid’ made waves in sports, film, and fashion!

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Sail into Nautical-Inspired Style

Whenever late spring rolls around, I feel a wave of excitement just thinking about all the sailor-inspired clothes I’ll be able to incorporate into my wardrobe. After flipping through numerous vintage books and watching old Hollywood films, I find myself …

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Style Icon: Karen Elson

Photo: Karen Elson

From her recently released full-length album The Ghost Who Walks, to rocking the runway of adored fashion designers like Chanel and Marc Jacobs, Karen Elson can talk the talk and walk the (cat)walk. While the frocks debuted …

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Style Icon: Karen O

The first time I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform in 2004 during their tour for Fever To Tell, I sought out their tour bus, grabbed my electric red lipstick, and scrawled “I ‘heart’ you!” above …

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Style Icon: Hitchcock Starlets

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Photo: Britannica

She’s a sun kissed San Franciscan with a mysterious past. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, no nonsense kind of gal who happens to be a master of espionage. She’s a well-spoken young socialite, with a …

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Style Icon: Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto of Gossip

Photo: Gossip

Mary Beth Patterson, aka Beth Ditto, fronts indie rock dance band Gossip. Beth’s uncompromising, in-your-face attitude and physical presentation has earned her a special place in the hearts of millions. In a little over three years, Beth …

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Style Icon: Sushmita Sen

When you hear the words, Miss Universe, what do you think of? Do you envision a stately judge asking an enthusiastic, nervous young woman, “How do you plan to change the world?” Do you picture of the awe-inspiring Miss Universe …

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Style Icon: Jane Birkin

You may not recognize the name or image above, but I’m fairly certain you know who Jane Birkin is. Perhaps you’re a fan of her daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s latest electronic pop album, IRM, which was produced by Beck …

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